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Week 12 Sunday Recap: Fantasy Football Observations, Insights, Studs, Duds & More | Week 13 Waiver Wire Suggestions | Sunday Speed Dating Edition: Week 12

Week 12 Sunday Recap: Observations, Insights, Studs, Duds & More | Getting you ready for the week 13 fantasy football waiver wire | Sunday Speed Dating: NFL Edition, Week 12

Do you remember your first girlfriend? You may have been six, 11 or even 28 years-old. Your mom drove you and your date to the movies, where you were permitted to hold hands as long as there was a bag of popcorn in between the two of you. As you got older, maybe high school and university, these relationships began to take on a different tone. They “meant” something, or at least that’s what you told your buddies. That’s week 12. You’re not going to the movies with your mom as chauffeur anymore. It’s the real-stuff now. With Fantasy football playoffs beginning as early as next week, it’s time to lock-in for the championship run.

As always:

  • Swipe Rights (“Yes, I’d like to see you again” Stars)
  • Swipe Lefts (“Nope, you have yourself a nice day” Duds)
  • Tinderella (“Love at first sight, please never leave me!” Fantasy All-Star)
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Swipe Left – Stars & Studs

High-Profile Receivers

I always find that high-profile receivers are most impacted by injuries, matchups, and poor quarterback play. They tend to be boom or bust and very rarely will you grab a receiver that puts up steady points week in and week out. This week’s early games featured a bevy of receivers that seem to finally be gaining steam. AJ Green caught 12 balls for over 120 yards for his second consecutive 100+ yard day, T.Y. Hilton had a 122 yards and a TD after getting shut down by New England’s terrific defensive squad, and Anquan Boldin caught 9 balls for 137 yards and a touchdown as well. Don’t look now, but Boldin is quietly putting up solid flex points, with over 41 fantasy points (ESPN stylez) in the last three weeks. If he’s chillin’ in the FA pool, grab him! On a kind of-sort of different note, Josh Gordon finally made it back from a 10-game suspension for cheating on his math test. Gordon racked up 120 yards, but remember what I’ve said in the past about the Falcons’ defense. IT SUCKS! Yes, Gordon is a star. But keep in mind that Brian Hoyer is allergic to a 50%+ completion rate and the Browns are a run-first, grind-it-out type of offense. If you managed to snag Gordon and your trade deadline hasn’t passed, flip him quick. If it has, make sure that you limit your expectations of the Browns’ star receiver.

Delanie Walker, TE, Tennessee Titans

Pro: Delanie Walker had 155 receiving yards against the Eagles. Con: The Titans suck. Wait, I changed my mind. That’s a pro for Walker fantasy owners. When the Titans fall behind, which often takes about five rushes or three passes (whichever comes first) they seem to go into super pass mode and Zach Mettenberger – KING OF GARBAGE YARDS – looks for Walker. As long as the Titans TE can avoid concussion issues, he could be a great late pick up in a field of really crappy TE’s (thanks Jordan Cameron!).

New England Defense

I’m going to make this simple for you. Below is the Patriots schedule over the next four weeks: Green Bay (Nelson), San Diego (Royal/Allen), Miami (who cares?) and New York Jets (who cares even more). In brackets I’ve listed some possible star receivers you may have. My advice: Find an alternative, stat! The Pats defense has been shutting down star receivers. The duo of Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis is a fantasy owners worst nightmare if you’ve got a wideout playing the Pats. Look what they did to Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson today: combined, 8 receptions on 22 targets, with three of those catches coming in the first few minutes of the first quarter. Eeek!

Swipe Right – Duds

Matthew Stafford, QB, Detroit Lions

Fact: The lions have scored fewer than 25 points in 10 straight games. I’m not blaming Matthew for this, not at all. Watching a hobbled Megatron (aka Calvin Johnson) go through the motions makes life difficult for Stafford. His tight ends don’t seem to help much either and the running game is non-existent. He is trying though, but that stat doesn’t seem to show up too frequently in Fantasy Football.

Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What happened to you man? Once a first-round running back, Martin stinks! Yes, his team stinks, too (are you noticing a pattern) but he can’t even churn out a 3 YPC average against a cruddy Chicago defense. Stash this nugget of knowledge in the back of your mind for the 2015 Fantasy Draft. He could be worth a steal at the bottom of the draft is he’s able to find a new home.

Boobie Dixon, RB, Buffalo Bills

BOOBIE?!?!?! Double-you tee eff!!!

Tinderalla – The Bell of the Ball

Demaryius Thomas, WR, Denver Broncos

On this Sunday night, there are only four people who receive the love and compassion of Peyton Manning: Archie, Eli, his wife (she’s probz hot) and Demaryius Thomas. You knew the second that Thomas upgraded from Tim Tebow (remember him?!?) to Manning, he was going to light it up. And he has. 10 catches, three touchdowns and almost 90 yards against a relatively strong Dolphins D. Oh, young receiver love.

WhatsAPP for Monday Night Football?

Not one but two on the slate for tonight. The Bills get the Jets in Detroit (don’t ask!) where the Bills’ D-line gets to really test what Michael Vick has left in his legs. I hate picking the Bills, because they always let me down, but let us hope that Fred Jackson is healthy enough to rush on the fast track, or else Bryce Brown and Boobie Dixon (see above) will split carries.

As for the Ravens-Saints ordeal, look for points and points and points, mostly in the air. This is a good day to have Joe Flacco and his band of merry receivers (Steve Smith Sr., Torrey Smith, even Owen Daniels) as it faces off against the cruddy Saints.

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