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Week 11 Sunday Recap: Fantasy Football Obersvations, Insights, Studs, Duds & More | Week 11 Waiver Wire Suggestions | Sunday Speed Dating Edition: Week 11

Week 11 Sunday Recap: Observations, Insights, Studs, Duds & More | Sunday Speed Dating: NFL Edition, Week 11

Have you ever been in a tumultuous relationship where the highs are high and the lows are low? At first, you’re living the high life together, enjoying the finer things in life, sipping cosmos on a beach in Cabo. Then, suddenly, the sky begins falling as you’re arguing over money, the kids, the car and whether Grey’s Anatomy is a good enough excuse to have to watch Sunday Night Football on the small TV in the basement. Today’s swipes have either fallen from grace or risen from the ashes.

As always:

  • Swipe Rights (“Yes, I’d like to see you again” Stars)
  • Swipe Lefts (“Nope, you have yourself a nice day” Duds)
  • Tinderella (“Love at first sight, please never leave me!” Fantasy All-Star)
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Swipe Left – Stars & Studs

Mike Evans, WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

7-209-2.  Sure, they were playing against Washington – but Evans is posting monster week after monster week.  He seems to be the guy in the Tampa offense right now and looks poised to become an emerging star – if he isn’t one already.  It is always exciting to see the new guy in town produce – and to produce yardage in chunks.  Evans is doing just that, and should continue to do so for many, many years to come.

Eddie Lacy, RB Green Bay Packers

Lacy has very quietly gone about his business amidst the mass quantity of points the Packers have scored lately, posting nearly 20 fantasy PPG over his last four.  The Packers offense is firing on all cylinders right now, and I don’t see any indication that they will slow down anytime soon.  As long as they are putting up points – Lacy will produce as long as he stays healthy.  That is too many ‘as-long, and as-if’s’ for a player playing this well so I will just stop.  Lacy is playing great football, and I don’t see any reason that it won’t continue down the stretch run.

Jamaal Charles, RB Kansas City Chiefs

Hats off to Charles who had a great day against the vaunted Seahawks defense.  Side note, at what point do we stop referring to Seattle’s defense as vaunted, elite, or even very good?  Back to the task at hand – with 20 carries for 159 rushing yards and 2 TD’s, he helped lead the way to many-a-fantasy victories in Week 11.  This was the type of back everyone expected when they took Charles very early in their drafts.  He had a slow start to the year, but is slowly approaching the top 5 point scorers at RB – and has a great schedule down the stretch, other than one game against the Cardinals.  I like his chances to finish the year very, very strong.

Swipe Right – Duds

Jimmy Graham, TE New Orleans Saints

That was ugly.  The usually reliable if healthy Jimmy Graham did next to nothing this week on Sunday, hauling in 3 balls for 29 yards.  My confusion for the day was at an all-time high when the Saints got inside the 5 and ran four straight plays, failing to get into the endzone while not going Graham’s way.  This was highlighted by a 4th and goal pass to their fullback.  Yes, I said fullback.  Graham is reliable as they come though, so while this week was a definite swipe right – I expect Graham to return next week with a much better portrait – getting all fantasy players to Swipe Left on him in Week 12.

Robert Griffin III, QB Washington Redskins

If you were still considering whether to swipe right or left on RGIII, I hope the first quarter of yesterday’s game against the Bucs made your decision.  He started the game by throwing picks on the first two Washington drives – and his lone TD pass of the day was a 30 yard screen pass to Roy Helu.  He is still mighty young – so who knows what the future holds for RGIII, but his rookie year is far enough in the rear view mirror to move on and wait for him to show some semblance of production before considering in any standard format.

Vincent Jackson, WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As good as Evans has been this year, Jackson has been that much of a disappointment.  Through Week 11 he sits with a line of 43-561-2, which is a far cry from the Jackson we all know so well.  This past week, while Evans was running free in the Washington secondary, Jackson was out there posting a line of 3-43-0.  Sometimes in the world of tinder, you just have to trade up for something better and younger…and it looks like the Bucs have done that in the passing game, focusing around the much younger Evans.

Tinderalla – The Bell of the Ball

Jonas Gray, RB New England Patriots

199 yards.  4 TD’s.  Jonas Gray absolutely ran wild against the Colts on Sunday night football.  Raise your hands if you saw that coming…will it last?  Not sure…but Jonas Gray did his best impression of Rachel Leigh-Cooke from She’s All That last night coming out of nowhere to help the Pats win a football game – and get crowned as this weeks Moxyball Tinderalla (Only Rachel Leigh Cooke was hot from scene 1 of that movie – they just tried to claim she wasn’t).  Gray looked like RB’s version of the true Ugly duckling – so maybe that’s a better parallel…but it’s time for me to digress.

Nonetheless, Pick up Gray in all formats if you want to be a part of Patriots RB Roulette for Week 12 and beyond!

WhatsAPP for Monday Night Football?

The Steelers travel to Tennessee to take on the Titans.  To me, there are really two questions to ask heading into this:

1) What Steelers aerial attack will show up?

2) Is Bishop Sankey ever going to do anything positive at football?

I’m looking forward to continue to see more of at least one exciting rookie, Martavis Bryant – who really seems to have earned the trust of Big Ben.  Sprinkle in a heavy does of Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell and a dash of Heath Miller – and I just don’t see how the Titans – led by ‘weapons’ such as Zach Mettenberger, Sankey: for my thoughts on him – see question #2 above, and Kendall Wright (who is fine).  I think the Steelers take this one comfortably.

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