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Week 10 Sunday Recap: Fantasy Football Observations, Insights, Studs, Duds & More | Week 11 Waiver Wire Suggestions | Sunday Speed Dating: NFL Edition, Week 10

Week 10 Sunday Recap: Observations, Insights, Studs, Duds & More | Sunday Speed Dating: NFL Edition, Week 10

Have you ever been in a tumultuous relationship where the highs are high and the lows are low? At first, you’re living the high life together, enjoying the finer things in life, sipping cosmos on a beach in Cabo. Then, suddenly, the sky begins falling as you’re arguing over money, the kids, the car and whether Grey’s Anatomy is a good enough excuse to have to watch Sunday Night Football on the small TV in the basement. Today’s swipes have either fallen from grace or risen from the ashes.

As always:

  • Swipe Rights (“Yes, I’d like to see you again” Stars)
  • Swipe Lefts (“Nope, you have yourself a nice day” Duds)
  • Tinderella (“Love at first sight, please never leave me!” Fantasy All-Star)
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Swipe Right – Stars & Studs

Defensive Line, Buffalo Bills

A much-maligned unit in years past, the Bills defense was just as inept as its Trent Edwards-led offense. Things are different now days. When David Bowie sang about pressure, he hadn’t seen anything yet. Mario Williams, Kyle Williams, Marcel Dareus, Jerry Hughes, Manny Lawson, and the rest of the Bills D was a total nightmare for Chiefs QB Alex Smith. The Bills defense sacked Smith six times with countless more pressures, including 10 QB hits. If the Bills D is sitting in your free agency pool, you may want to pick them up. They cause plenty of sacks and forced fumbles and will grab you an interception or two. They’ve got a good matchup against Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins next week and the Jets the week after.

Tony Romo, QB, Dallas Cowboys

If Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are the league’s fantasy poster boys, then Tony Romo is definitely the on-again-off-again relationship expert. He’s been hated on more than almost any other QB but is loved by fans all at the same time. He’s currently leading one of the best teams in the league, and even came back from fractures in his back to lead his team to victory over the Jaguars. Romo threw for three touchdowns and 246 yards on an efficient 20 for 27 passing. Romo continues to be effective on a weekly basis and he’s established a terrific passing relationship with Dez Bryant. If Romo is one of your QB options, he should continue to put up points (fantasy and real-stylez) against the New York Giants next week.

C.J. Andersen, RB, Denver Broncos

Surprise! C.J. Andersen won the Manning running back bowl this week. With Montee Ball still recovering from injury, the stage was set for Andersen to take snaps away from Ronnie Hillman. And boy, did he. Andersen caught four passes for 73 yards and a touchdown and rushed 13 times for 90 yards. Comparably, Hillman rushed only six times and caught two passes. Andersen’s great fantasy day could be just that…a single fantasy day. Coach John Fox has spoke highly of Ball’s rehab and practice efforts, and Hillman is still the incumbent. Coaches may like three-headed running back monsters, but fantasy owners do not. If you’ve got a flexible spot on your roster, you may want to put in a waiver wire claim, just to see if I’m wrong. Otherwise, there likely isn’t enough touches to go around to make Andersen worth your while.

Swipe Left – Duds

Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints

Quarterback A has just over 2500 yards and 15 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Quarterback B has 2300 yards, 20 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Which one is Brees? It’s A. Drew Brees has been slightly above average this year, whereas QB’s like Philip Rivers (quarterback B in this example) have been putting up more points, even after being drafted much, much lower in drafts this season. Brees was slightly above average again today, throwing for 292 yards with three touchdowns, but two picks as well. Those two picks – depending on league rules – tend to eliminate one of the touchdowns. If you took Brees in the first round to lead your squad, it may be a frustrating year. There’s value to be found at the QB position, especially if you can collect a pretty penny for Brees’ pedigree.

Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers

It’s tough following up a 12 touchdown, two-week run. Ben Roethlisberger, however, really dropped the ball. Unable to get much going until the end of the game, Roethlisberger chalked up the yards in the second half, but wasn’t able to score. His early interceptions were costly as well in a loss to the brutal Jets. It’s games like these that remind us of how mediocre the Steelers were to begin the season, and we wonder if they’ll quickly fall back to earth. You know who hasn’t fallen back to earth? Martavis Bryant. Catching his fifth touchdown in three games, he also racked up 143 yards on just four receptions. He’s clearly Ben’s favourite target and his big play potential can make or break a fantasy week. Go get him.

Tinderalla – The Belle of the Ball (aka Super-Stud Spectacular | The 10 out of 10)

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seattle Seahawks

He got a lot of flack before the season, losing his standard top five status due to injury and dedication concerns. His numbers up to this week had only been decent, with the touchdown numbers being satisfactory but the rushing yards being glaringly absent. All of that came to a quick halt against the Giants’ struggling defense. Marshawn Lynch ran the ball 21 times for 140 yards and four touchdowns! Lynch’s domination on the ground is the key ingredient to the Seahawks’ ground-control blueprint. If you’re an owner, you’re hoping that this is a serious indication of Lynch getting his legs under him and Pete Carroll’s new dedication to the ground game.

WhatsApp for MNF?

Cam “The Entertainer” Newton needs to start playing some dominating football if he wants to become a top-tier quarterback. The problem is he isn’t getting any help. Jonathan Stewart, finally healthy enough to take the lead-back role, can’t seem to break through to give Newton some passing room. Aside from Kelvin Benjamin, Newton hasn’t had any aerial support, either. On the other side of the field, Chip Kelly now has to rely on Mark Sanchez to lead his unique offense. Sanchez is not a good quarterback. That’s obvious. Unless LeSean McCoy has a great day, the absence of Nick Foles will be heavily felt by Eagles receivers and the pressure will be on the D to stop the Panthers. I’m betting on McCoy’s big game, and just enough defense by the Eagles to win it in a close one.

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