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5 Buy-Low Candidates for Week 5 | Fantasy Football

A big welcome to Shaugn Watson (@TheWat1734) – the newest member of the Moxyball family! Today he shares 5 players you may want to consider buying low on heading into week 5 of the fantasy football season.

This season has given a new meaning to the term any given Sunday. Depending on who you drafted or the order you drafted in, you very easily could be looking at a 1-3 or 2-2 start to the season. As in the words of Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X! It’s only Week 5 and you may be only one sneaky trade or waiver wire pick up to a brand new season. Below are 5 players that some in your league may have given up on or want to cut bait with. Advantage: you.

LeSean McCoy – Something’s gotta give in Philadelphia! First team to start the season 3-0 yet trailed in all three games by double digits. There is an offense in Philly and it is a deadly one. Once they put it all together, watch out because the Real McCoy will be right there leading the way!

Eddie Lacy – Watching Lacy run is a little scary to me with his injury history but the offense he is in leaves much room for him to improve. Last week, Lacy scored his first touchdown of the year and saved his fantasy day – but on the flip side of that, he could have very easily had three if Green Bay gave him the ball inside the 10 yard line. That being said, the opportunities for Lacy to have huge games/season will be there… the only question is: will Lacy?

[image type=”rounded” src=”http://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/news-record.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/4/97/497727c8-359e-11e3-9fd1-001a4bcf6878/525d442516a62.image.jpg” alt=”Allen”]

Keenan Allen – San Diego is legit. Straight up, no doubt about it. With Eddie Royal doing what Eddie Royal does, things will even out for Allen. Keenan is finally getting healthy and teams having to worry the likes of Royal, Allen and Antonio Gates will open the offense even more. Ryan Mathews’ return in the near future will only help Allen, because let’s face it. We’ve all seen what Donald Brown can do with 40 carries. Let’s just hope Mathews can hit the ground running!

Teddy Bridgewater – This isn’t your one week wonder here, people. Sure, Atlanta isn’t a number 1 defensive unit, but they also had a couple extra days to prepare for Teddy and they couldn’t really stop him. Granted he didn’t throw a touchdown but he did throw for 317 yards and rushed for a TD himself. Definitely could have thrown for some if Matt Asiata didn’t have the day he did. The big take away: NO TURNOVERS! You can throw 3 touchdowns but if you follow it with two picks and a fumble it kills what could be a great fantasy day.

Delanie Walker – The only bright light in Tennessee right now, and unless he is taken off the field he’s the only viable fantasy starter week in week out. Clipboard Jesus kept the feeding of Walker over the weekend even though he didn’t do much else. Jake Locker will be back soon and the chemistry between Locker and Walker is rivaling that of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski… And as of now I’d take the Locker and Walker duo!

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About the Author: Shaugn is an ex-college football player that can’t give the game up! Since he stopped playing 2004, he hasn’t missed a season of fantasy football. He believes in playing the season until the very end – sometimes waiver wire wonders can save your team! Follow Shaugn on Twitter (@TheWat1734).

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