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Our Fantasy Basketball Centers (C) Rankings for the 2014-2015 Season – Top 50

A look at the top 50 fantasy basketball centers (C) for the 2014-2015 season. Jared Kwart shares his fantasy center (C) rankings for the top 50 at the position, heading into 2015 fantasy drafts.

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The center position on a fantasy basketball team is critical to success. In my opinion, you absolutely need to have at least one stud to anchor your team in the FG%, rebounds and blocks categories. Having 2 or 3 is an incredible asset, particularly if you play in an auction league where you can intelligently budget your dollars appropriately to grab a handful of middle-tier players. I have Anthony Davis at #1, just like in my power forward rankings, because he qualifies at both positions in most leagues.

There is a pretty big drop off once you get past the top 3 tiers, so make sure you’re not letting these guys slip too far down on draft day. They may not be the sexy names that managers tend to love, but they are integral parts of a well-rounded team.

Fantasy basketball sleepers at the center position start to show their colours as early as Tier 4 and are plentiful in Tiers 5 & 6 as well. There are a few guys that I tend to like more than most, which I’ve made particular mention of below.

Don’t underestimate the value of FG% studs – especially centers who have the ability to not hurt your FT% or even help you in this category. That’s where the true value of a Chris Bosh, Brook Lopez, Marc Gasol and Robin Lopez starts to show. If you find yourself with LeBron James for example, it would be a great compliment for your team to add a Chris Bosh who can help offset his mid 70s percentage in the FT department.

Owners in 10 and 12 team leagues should get to know the entire list, though. Injuries happen each and every year – and so do breakout seasons for players that aren’t on our radars heading into drafts.

Important note as you read through these rankings: Keep in mind that these fantasy basketball center rankings are being shared through the lens of a standard rotisserie league, including turnovers as a category.

Tier 1 – A man on his own.

  • Anthony Davis, Nor PF, C (Once again, the Unibrow stands alone. Legitimate shot to be the number 1 overall fantasy player. Helps you everywhere and is a joy to watch/own.)

Tier 2 – Fantastic options once Davis goes

  • DeMarcus Cousins, Sac C (Close to being on the same tier as Davis, but couldn’t quite make the jump. A great building block at the back-end of round 1 in snake drafts.)
  • Al Jefferson, Cha C (Steady in just about every category. Charlotte’s system really helps keep his value nice and high, with lots of touches.)
  • Joakim Noah, Chi C (His all around game is a treat. His turnovers tend to be higher than others at the C department, but it’s offset by his ability to get blocks, steals, assists and a double-double just about every night.)
  • Chris Bosh, Mia C (He was underrated in drafts last year, but this year he’s exactly where he should be. Like I said, his elite FT% help is a luxury. Think about him in round 2 or 3 if he slips, particularly if you need a boost in the free throw department from a thin position in that sense.)
  • Marc Gasol, Mem C (Could be #3 overall at the C position come this time next year. Was a top 10 fantasy player before getting hurt last season. Don’t sleep on him. He’s a great fantasy asset.)

Tier 3 – Very good production, but some that have serious warts in their game…

  • Al Horford, Atl C (Should be back to full strength, and could easily be a Tier 2 player come season’s end. Steady in all categories, and the Hawks will need him to play a key role in their offense. A 20/10 season with 1.5 blocks and 3 assists is in reach. If so – he’s top 5 material.)
  • Dwight Howard, Hou C (Outlook is similar to Drummond, but will get more assists and actually has a better FT%, even though it still sucks. Call me crazy, but I’d be happier with him than Drummond due to that fact alone.)
  • Andre Drummond, Det C (This guy is going to be a beast in points, rebounds, FG% and blocks. He will kill you in FT% at less than 45%. If you take him, be prepared to enjoy all the great stuff he provides except for at the line. He’s a good guy to consider if you land a Carmelo Anthony and DeMar DeRozan, for example.)
  • Brook Lopez, Bkn C (Always an injury concern, but top 10 option at the position when healthy.)
  • Nikola Vucevic, Orl C (An injury guy as well, but a double double beast when on the floor.)
  • Marcin Gortat, Wsh C (Had a great season and should keep the good times rolling again this year.)
  • DeAndre Jordan, LAC C (Similar to Drummond in that he helps in FG%, boards and blocks – but is a complete liability in the FT% department. He also won’t average more than 10 points a game, so don’t overvalue him.)

Tier 4 – Headlined by breakout potential & bounce-back seasons

  • Jonas Valanciunas, Tor C (Many like him to break out, and I think he will to a certain extent… but he still isn’t good enough to crack Tier 3 or above yet.)
  • Nerlens Noel, Phi C (Should be a nice piece, and could easily out-perform this ranking if he stays healthy. Expecting 1.5+ blocks, 1+ steals, 12 points, 8 rebounds and over 50% from the floor is certainly reasonable.)
  • Roy Hibbert, Ind C (I’m bumping him and Sanders up. They have good track records and should bounce back. Don’t undervalue his potential to be top 5 in the league in blocks.)
  • Larry Sanders, Mil C (Similar to Hibbert, he’s got great value in the blocks category alone. The question is if he will bring his levels back to 2012-13.)
  • Robin Lopez, Por C (Sneaky value for steady production, especially in the FT% department. Not sexy, but will get 30 minutes a game and help you out without hurting anywhere.)
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Tier 5 – A breakout candidate & some reliable veterans

  • Spencer Hawes, LAC C (People are sleeping on him. Even though he’s not starting, he’ll still get 25+ minutes a game backing up Jordan. Well-rounded production late in the draft, especially from 3 – that’s valuable.)
  • Andrew Bogut, GS C (If he can stay on the court, he’ll be a great piece this year. Blocks and FG% from him and you won’t need to take him until the late rounds. Injuries are always an issue, though… so don’t make him your #1 option.)

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  • Gorgui Dieng, Min C (I don’t think it’s terribly bold saying he will outproduce Pekovic this year, even though he’s behind him on the depth chart at the moment. I expect the T-Wolves to trade Pekovic and hand the 5 spot to Dieng by the deadline. When he started last year down the stretch, he was great. Don’t sleep on him.)
  • Timofey Mozgov, Den C (This could be a year when he busts out in a big way for Denver. They should give him 30 minutes a game, and a double double season with a block and nice percentages are within reach. Take him late and reap the rewards.)
  • Nikola Pekovic, Min C (Good when healthy, but doesn’t have fantastic all-around production. Solid piece to round out your squad, but definitely expect him to miss time and probably be traded into a backup role.)

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Tier 6 – Youth, opportunity & bounce-back potential aplenty

  • Kelly Olynyk, Bos C (Could easily be a Tier 4 or 5 player, but keeping him here for now. Look for a dozen points, 6 rebounds and a 3 with close to a block a game. The Celtics are building and need their young talent like Kelly to get experience.)
  • Tyson Chandler, Dal C (Steady option, but expect slight declines in playing time with his age.)
  • Omer Asik, Nor C (Will get boards and blocks, but not much else.)
  • Enes Kanter, Uta C (Not sure if this will be his year or not, but he’s got nice upside.)
  • Henry Sims, Phi C (Philly will give him run, and he’ll get points. The question is if he’ll block shots. Won’t likely do that very well, though so his value is knocked down a bit because of that. His FT% isn’t going to hurt you though, which is a nice bonus.)
  • Steven Adams, OKC C (Major breakout candidate. If he gets 20-25 minutes a game, he’ll be fantastic. Look for him to have a strong season and be a couple of tiers higher come this time next year.)
  • Anderson Varejao, Cle C (He’ll play 65 games at max – so value accordingly. He can rebound and pass, so he’ll have value in deeper leagues.)
  • JaVale McGee, Den C (Will he return to health? Probably going to get into 55 games or so, at minimum – that’s my guess. If so, he could be useful in deeper formats.)

Tier 7 – Where it really starts to thin out

  • Rudy Gobert, Uta C (If he outplays Kanter, he could find his way onto many fantasy rosters as a darling that likely is an in-season add or bench stash on draft day in deeper formats. Can be a beast on the boards.)
  • Samuel Dalembert, NY C (Looks to be their starter, and there is value in that.)
  • Alex Len, Pho C (Top pick from last year could have value if he stays healthy. Doesn’t look like he’s in a great spot to do that right now, though… so keep him on the wire.)
  • Robert Sacre, LAL C (He will have a spurt or two where he averages a double double, or at least close to it, so give him a look on the wire if he carves out a 20+ minute a game role.)

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Tier 8 – Pure endgame or deep league plays

  • Bismack Biyombo, Cha C
  • Vitor Faverani, Bos C
  • Chris Kaman, Por C
  • Kevin Seraphin, Wsh C (Had a great game the other day, but that’s preseason basketball for you. Could be a waiver add if Gortat misses time.)
  • Chris Andersen, Mia C (Getting close to 40, and won’t play more than like 10 minutes a game. If he’s on your roster, you are super desparate.)

Tier 9 – Should only be rostered in the deepest leagues imaginable

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