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Our Fantasy Basketball Power Forwards (PF) Rankings for the 2014-15 Season – Top 55

A look at the top 55 fantasy basketball power forwards (PF) for the 2014-2015 season. Jared Kwart shares his fantasy power forward (PF) rankings for the top 55 at the position, heading into 2015 fantasy drafts.

Fantasy Basketball Rankings 2014-15: PG | SG | SF | PF | C

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Power forward is a fairly deep position in the fantasy basketball world. Though one man stands alone on the top (hint – he has an epic unibrow), there is plenty of help in the top 12.

The real drop-off happens after Tier 5, so make sure you grab one or two guys in the top 19 to anchor yourself at this position. Guys up to Tier 7 will be relevant in standard 10 and 12 team leagues, but Tiers 8 through 10 are going to be of interest to those with larger groups of managers, deep benches or dynasty/keeper formats.

Owners in 10 and 12 team leagues should get to know the entire list, though. Injuries happen each and every year – and so do breakout seasons for players that aren’t on our radars heading into drafts.

Important note as you read through these rankings: Keep in mind that these fantasy basketball power forward guard rankings are being shared through the lens of a standard rotisserie league, including turnovers as a category. If you’re in a league that doesn’t require you to start someone at the defined “power forward” position (i.e. you have all “utility” spots or non-denominational “forward” slots) you’ll want to alter your strategy and rankings appropriately.

Tier 1 – It’s all about the brow, bro

  • Anthony Davis, Nor PF, C (The Unibrow stands alone. Legitimate shot to be the number 1 overall fantasy player. Helps you everywhere and is a joy to watch/own.)

Tier 2 – The next best things

  • Serge Ibaka, OKC PF (Love his consistency and help in a super scarce category with blocks.)
  • Kevin Love, Cle PF (I talked about how I thought he was being overvalued in early drafts. Since then, things have started coming back down to earth a little bit. I’ve seen him go in the 10-15 range in some drafts overall. Still love his skills and what he brings to the table in fantasy.)
  • LaMarcus Aldridge, Por PF (Great player and provides a ton at the PF position. I don’t usually find myself owning him, but he’s fantastic.)
  • Blake Griffin, LAC PF (Like Aldridge, I don’t own him in many leagues. You have to love his FG% prowess and the way he has increased his FT% over last season. If he can continue to show growth in his game, look out – he’ll have top 10 overall upside.)

Tier 3 – A trio of reliable veterans

  • Dirk Nowitzki, Dal PF (Big 2013-14 for Dirk. Not a sexy option, but he gets the job done. Great percentages, about 20 points a game, and 3s. Sign me up, if the price is right.)
  • Paul Millsap, Atl PF (Fantastic all-around game. Love getting steals, blocks and a bit of everything else from the PF position.)

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  • Pau Gasol, Chi PF (This may be a bit of an aggressive ranking to some. However, I am very high on him this season. Love the system he’s going to and the role he will play. He won’t return to a top 10 overall ranking like he was at one point, but for me he’s a top 10 option at PF this year. Lock it in.)

Tier 4 – A couple breakout candidates and a couple reliable big men

  • Derrick Favors, Uta PF (Big year for Favors. Many expected him to have a beastly 2013-14. Now is the time for him to do just that. May be able to get him at a very slight discount because of that. If you can – pounce.)
  • Kenneth Faried, Den PF (The Manimal is poised for a big year. Fantastic FG% which can help you significantly in roto formats and also provides nice numbers in rebounds, steals and blocks. A steady player that is usually high on a lot of lists – so don’t overpay unless you love him.)
  • David Lee, GS PF (His stock has fallen but his numbers haven’t changed too much. A great source of FG%, FT%, points and rebounds.)
  • Tim Duncan, SA PF (Proved many people wrong last year by putting up a top 30 overall season. He will likely regress a little bit this year as he gets closer to 40 years of age. That being said, he’s efficient and a 15/7/3/1/1 with a 50% FG% and 74% FT% are within reach.)
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Tier 5 – Where things start to get interesting

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  • Jared Sullinger, Bos PF (I mentioned him in my bold predictions, and I’ve got him ranked 14th overall in this article to back it up. He will have a massive season for the Celtics.)
  • Ryan Anderson, Nor PF (Great option for 3s at the PF spot. Don’t underrate his value.)
  • Terrence Jones, Hou PF
  • Markieff Morris, Pho PF
  • Tobias Harris, Orl PF (Appears to be back in good shape and ready to make good on what should have been in 2013-14. Buy him at a discount if you can. Has potential to be a top 15 option at power forward.)
  • Zach Randolph, Mem PF

Tier 6 – Should be steady for 10 points, 7 rebounds and a block for the most part

  • Greg Monroe, Det PF (Coming at a nice discount this year. Flaws in his game at the free throw line and turnovers – but gets steals, points and boards. Not a bad option if you miss out on the top 5 tiers.)
  • Taj Gibson, Chi PF (Underrated source of blocks.)
  • Josh McRoberts, Mia PF (I like him to have a quietly productive season. A dozen points, 7 boards, 3 assists and a steal/block are within reach. He also shoots 3s.)
  • John Henson, Mil PF (If he can find 25+ minutes a game – he’ll have a lot of value.)
  • Amir Johnson, Tor PF (Worried he’ll miss 15+ games due to injury, but will get you 12 points, 8 rebounds and a block when in the lineup with good percentages.)
  • Jordan Hill, LAL PF (I’m not as high on him as many are… but if he does play 30 minutes, he’ll be fine for similar to what Amir brings.)
  • Nene, Wsh PF (Injuries, injuries, injuries. Ideally a bench player for you.)

Tier 7 – A pretty significant dropoff from Tier 6, but still of value in deeper leagues

  • Carlos Boozer, LAL PF (Nothing flashy, but should get ample run and will be decent for points and rebounds.)
  • Brandan Wright, Dal PF (Lots of love for him as a deep sleeper. Elite FG% and blocks when he gets time on the floor. If he can find his way into 30 minutes a game – he has top 15 potential at the position. Unlikely given the role Dallas likes him in, but you never know.)
  • Andrea Bargnani, NY PF (Prone to the turnover, but has looked pretty good in the preseason and will get plenty of court time. A cheap source of points, rebounds and 3s late in your draft.)
  • Mirza Teletovic, Bkn PF (Could be a great source of 3s if he gets 20-25 minutes.)
  • Ersan Ilyasova, Mil PF

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Tier 8 – Rookies, post-hype sleepers and bench depth

  • Julius Randle, LAL PF (Don’t think he’ll have much value in 2014. Good keeper target, though.)
  • Channing Frye, Orl PF
  • Miles Plumlee, Pho PF (Appears he’s going to be “the guy” in Phoenix down the middle. Should average close to a double double but with about a block, but not much else. Has potential to produce top 25 value if he gets the minutes.)
  • Patrick Patterson, Tor PF (Great off the bench for the Raptors. In daily leagues, he’s a nice player. He’ll have some that wow you and some that are duds. Overall, he should get 10 points and 6 boards a game.)
  • Anthony Bennett, Min PF (Nice late round, deep sleeper here. Should have the spotlight off him in Minnesota one year after being the #1 overall pick. Played really well in his last preseason game on Oct 10 with 13 points, 8 rebounds in 25 minutes. Could be a sign of things to come.)
  • Aaron Gordon, Orl PF (Should get playing time for Orlando and is a nice young player. Very raw, though.)
  • Tiago Splitter, SA PF
  • Tristan Thompson, Cle PF

Tier 9 – Sexy options they are not, but I’m willing to bet they’ll have some value

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  • Mason Plumlee, Bkn PF (After watching him a few times during the regular season and again for 7 games in the playoffs – I have to say I love Plumlee’s game. He’s an absolute beast. He can finish around the basket, rebound and defend very well. The question is if he’ll ever be a 30 minute a game guy. He wasn’t last year, and may only get low 20s this year. His time will come, though. Keep a close eye on him in deeper leagues. We should be looking at a double double threat nightly once he approaches 25-30 minutes a night.)
  • Brandon Bass, Bos PF
  • Jon Leuer, Mem PF (Was really solid last year in relief of Marc Gasol. Has a nice, versatile game. Can shoot the 3, rebound and score.)
  • Boris Diaw, SA PF
  • Amar’e Stoudemire, NY PF
  • J.J. Hickson, Den PF
  • Luis Scola, Ind PF (If David West or Roy Hibbert miss time, Scola will be a hot pickup.)
  • Kyle O’Quinn, Orl PF

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Tier 10 – The best of the rest

  • Anthony Tolliver, Pho PF (May end up playing a Channing Frye-like role for Phoenix. A late round source of points and 3s with a handful of rebounds. Don’t sleep too much on him in deep leagues.)
  • Kevin Garnett, Bkn PF
  • Marcus Morris, Pho PF
  • Ed Davis, LAL PF (Should get some run in Los Angeles. Keep an eye if Hill or Randle don’t pan out.)
  • Glen Davis, LAC PF
  • Jason Smith, NY PF
  • Pero Antic, ATL PF (He’s close to last on this list, but that’s because I was quite impressed with what I saw last year. He’ll need injuries to get playing time, but if he gets opportunities he will have some value. Can pass and shoot the 3. A nice weapon on the deep end for Atlanta.)
  • Drew Gooden, Wsh PF

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