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Our Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard (SG) Rankings for the 2014-2015 Season – Top 55

A look at the top 55 fantasy basketball shooting guards (SG) for the 2014-2015 season. Jared Kwart shares his fantasy shooting guard (SG) rankings for the top 55 at the position, heading into 2015 fantasy drafts.

Fantasy Basketball Rankings 2014-2015: PG | SG | SF | PF | C

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Shooting guard is a really interesting position when it comes to fantasy basketball. It’s incredibly top-heavy, with a huge drop off from tier to tier. It becomes particularly tricky when you get outside of the top 14 options (after Tier 4). Guys up to Tier 6 will be relevant in standard 10 and 12 team leagues, but Tiers 7 through 10 are only going to be of interest to those with larger groups of managers, deep benches or dynasty/keeper formats.

Owners in 10 and 12 team leagues should get to know the entire list, though. Injuries happen each and every year – and so do breakout seasons for players that aren’t on our radars heading into drafts.

Important note as you read through these rankings: Keep in mind that these fantasy basketball shooting guard rankings are being shared through the lens of a standard rotisserie league, including turnovers as a category. If you’re in a league that doesn’t require you to start someone at the defined “shoot guard” position (i.e. you have all “utility” spots or non-denominational “guard” slots) you’ll want to alter your strategy and rankings appropriately. Point guards will more than likely be more valuable to you in those formats, given their tendency to accumulate more fantasy value by way of assists and steals in particular.

Tier 1 – The one and only reliable, elite option at the shooting guard position

  • James Harden, Hou SG (He is really in a league of his own. A great building block in auction and rotisserie leagues. He’ll provide value across the board and makes for a hands-down top 5 selection on draft day.)

Tier 2 – The best 4 at SG not named James Harden

  • Monta Ellis, Dal SG, PG (Qualifies at both PG and SG – in a really thin SG market, his value goes up quite a bit. You’ll get points, steals, assists and a handful of 3s here. Just beware of the turnovers, FG% and FT% which you need to make sure you have help to offset from other players if you decide to roster him.)
  • Kobe Bryant, LAL SG (This may be a slightly aggressive ranking for Kobe, but if he plays a full season – which for him is likely 70+ games – he’s a top 3 option at the position… possibly even the 2nd best after Harden.)
  • Klay Thompson, GS SG (If you want to lock down 20 pts a game and 2.5+ 3s with great FT% – Klay is your man. Just don’t expect a ton of help in rebounds and assists. What is nice for him compared to the others in this tier is his turnovers will likely be the lowest of the group.)
  • Victor Oladipo, Orl SG (The sophomore is an exciting player, and has a very similar statistical build as Monta Ellis. Beware of his percentages and a bushel of turnovers.)

Tier 3 – Very strong options if you can get them at a nice discount vs Tier 2

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  • DeMar DeRozan, Tor SG (Not only do I really like him because I’m a Raptors fan, but I can’t help to appreciate what he’s been able to do for his game since entering as a rookie a handful of years ago. He’ll score over 20 a game and is continuing to improve as a rebounder and passer. I think he’s got a great chance to jump into the 2nd tier this season, but at the very least will deliver great value where you are able to snag him. What goes overlooked here is his FT% and prowess at getting to the rim at an elite rate. He’ll shoot about 83% but gets there 8 times a game, which ranked 7th in the league last season. That’s more than LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, folks.)
  • Gordon Hayward, Uta SG (Well-rounded and underappreciated player at a thin position. Don’t hesitate to snatch him up in the 3rd or 4th round, even though it may not be a very exciting pick.)
  • Dwyane Wade, Mia SG (All depends on health… but if he stays on the court, he’ll be a great option. No LeBron means more touches for D-Wade and we all know what he can do when he’s at his best.)
  • Wesley Matthews, Por SG (Love him for his 3s and also for the lack of turnovers thanks to the role he plays in the offense. Not sexy or exciting but gets the job done year-in and year-out.)

Tier 4 – Reliable solutions at a top-heavy position with an upside rookie sprinkled in

  • Jimmy Butler, Chi SG (Good chance he leads the league in steals, and his FG% will go back up with Derrick Rose on the floor.)
  • Lance Stephenson, Cha SG (Likely comes back down to earth a bit, but possesses lots of fantasy value.)
  • Joe Johnson, Bkn SG (If you wanted Matthews but missed on him, take Johnson instead. More scoring for him with Paul Pierce out of the picture in Brooklyn, too.)

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  • Andrew Wiggins, Min SG (He’ll be fun to own but I wouldn’t want him as my starting shooting guard given the lack of clarity for exactly what we’ll see. He’ll probably get close to 30 minutes a game, and will have some awesome lines, just not going to do so consistently.)
  • Arron Afflalo, Den SG (Steady option and going back to Denver where he was very solid for a number of years.)
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Tier 5 – The downtown specialists

  • Kyle Korver, Atl SG (Good percentages and bushels of 3-pointers.)
  • Kevin Martin, Min SG
  • J.J. Redick, LAC SG (Quietly had awesome per-game numbers last year, but lost a ton of time due to injury… keep a close eye on him and don’t let him fall too far if you need 3s and elite FT% help.)
  • Eric Gordon, Nor SG (Has kind of become a forgotten man in fantasy leagues… possesses lots of help in points, 3s and FT% at a thin position. A good fallback option if you pass on the elite guys.)

Tier 6 – Underappreciated veterans, an injured up and comer and breakout candidates

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  • Alec Burks, Uta SG (Big breakout candidate, whether it’s starting or off the bench. He should see 32+ minutes a game and has the potential to be a 15/3/3/1 guy with solid percentages.)
  • J.R. Smith, NY SG
  • Avery Bradley, Bos SG

Tier 7 – Similar to Tier 6 but a notch below

  • Danny Green, SA SG
  • Terrence Ross, Tor SG (If he breaks out, this is the year… should help in 3s regardless, so if you’re in a deeper league – give him a look as an upside play.)
  • Manu Ginobili, SA SG
  • Bojan Bogdanovic, Bkn SG (Seems to have locked up a key role in Brooklyn following the departure of Pierce. A very efficient scorer that shouldn’t go overlooked in deep leagues for his upside at a very low risk.)
  • Rodney Stuckey, Ind SG

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Tier 8 – Where the dice-rolling truly begins

  • Tim Hardaway Jr., NY SG (Depending on how much run he gets, he could be a big fantasy asset in the 3s department this season. Keep an eye on him during the year if he goes undrafted, or if you are desperate for 3s at the end of your draft.)
  • Jodie Meeks, Det SG
  • Gerald Henderson, Cha SG (Not sexy at all, and is going to miss a week or so of the regular season, but still has decent production across the board.)
  • Nick Young, LAL SG
  • Dion Waiters, Cle SG
  • Rodney Hood, Uta SG (I am ranking him and Exum next to each other… who really knows what to expect from these guys here. Something tells me Hood will have more 2014-15 value, as he’s more ready to contribute right now. Longer-term, Exum has the upside to be more valuable in 2-3+ years.)
  • Dante Exum, Uta SG (See above.)

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Tier 9 – Talented for different reasons but serious playing time questions

  • Shabazz Napier, Mia SG (I ranked him in my PG article, but ESPN currently has him as a SG so I’m giving him a shout-out here too. I love him for keeper leagues and he should also contribute in a sizable way in the 2nd half of the year this season.)
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Det SG (Seems to have avoided serious injury, and will play a sizable role in the Detroit rotation this year.)
  • Evan Turner, Bos SG (His points, rebounds and assists make him rosterable in deep leagues. Boston will play him 25+ minutes a night, and he’ll have startable value at periods of time during the season. Not a great basketball player, but a good one in fantasy land.)
  • P.J. Tucker, Pho SG
  • Tony Allen, Mem SG
  • Anthony Morrow, OKC SG
  • Nik Stauskas, Sac SG (A good shooter, has Kyle Korver upside in a few years… but for now, keep expectations in check.)

Tier 10 – The end-game plays: Some post-hype sleepers to go along with aging veterans and unexciting category specialists

  • Iman Shumpert, NY SG (He should see over 20 minutes a game, and if this is the year he figures it out, will be fun to own.)
  • O.J. Mayo, Mil SG (Has lost some weight and is dedicated to being a compliment to a rebuilding Bucks team. Has been a great fantasy option in the past, and he won’t cost you much at all to keep him on your bench.)
  • Marcus Thornton, Bos SG
  • Ben Gordon, Orl SG (This is a big year for Gordon. Will he come back to relevancy in fantasy leagues or disappear into the sunset? He’ll get a bit of run, and at times can be a scoring and 3s machine.)

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  • Evan Fournier, Orl SG (I really like Fournier’s game and he will get a chance to show what he’s got. Will be a bench player, but could carve out a 6th man type role over the course of the season. Look for him to be a couple of tiers higher this time next year.)
  • Jeremy Lamb, OKC SG (With Kevin Durant missing a chunk of time due to injury, Lamb should see a bit of a value boost in the short-term. I like him in dynasty formats because he’ll be quite good in a couple of years, but 2014 probably won’t be when he takes it to the next level.)
  • Marco Belinelli, SA SG
  • Courtney Lee, Mem SG
  • Randy Foye, Den SG
  • Ben McLemore, Sac SG
  • Danny Granger, Mia SG (If he stays healthy, he will have a sizable bench role for the Heat. Give him a look at the end of drafts in super deep formats.)
  • Vince Carter, Mem SG
  • Mike Dunleavy, Chi SG

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