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Stack Away! – NFL DFS Stacks to Play on FanDuel & DraftKings – Week 7

NFL DFS Stacks to Target & Play on FanDuel & DraftKings for Week 7 of the 2016-2017 Fantasy Football Season.

Welcome to the NFL Stacks article. In this post we share what we feel are the best stacks for the upcoming week in NFL, including top (chalky) plays as well as some other lower-own options (and higher-value players) to consider for your lineups. We craft this article with the intention of helping you create great GPP lineups (higher risk strategy to stack in cash games).


For those of you who don’t know what a stack for NFL or why it is important let me break it down for you. Simply put a stack is a group of players from any one team. For the NFL there are three types of stacks. The first type of stack you have is a QB with other skill position stacks. This is the most popular kind of stack and normally consists of a QB with his stud WR or TE. This stack is often times what we consider a full stack or a QB with two other players from his team like QB-WR-WR or QB-WR-TE. The reason why these kind of stacks are so popular is because when your wide receiver catches a pass you get points for both your quarterback and wide receiver.

The second kind of stack and one that is not as popular is the RB-DEF stack. This stack is used when you have a team that is projected to shut the other team down and be up big in the fourth quarter. For example anytime the Seahawks play a team like the 49ers. The reason why this stack can be effective is if a team is up big in the fourth quarter they will likely be handing the ball off a lot to kill the clock.

The last stack and one of my favorite stacks for GPPs is a DEF with their return man whether that is a running back or wide receiver. The reason I love this stack is if the return man scores a touchdown you get the points for the touchdown on the individual player as well as the defensive unit you played. That is 12 points in the span of seconds.

Now that you know what the type different types of stacks are let’s jump into the article with our top three full stacks with one being a high dollar stack, one being a value stack and one being a contrarian stack. We will also give you a couple of two-man stacks involving a quarter back and one of his receivers and a stack that includes a defensive unit like mentioned above.

NOTE: We will only be focusing on the Sunday only games in this post as that is now the main slate of games on both sites and the slate where the major GPP contests are now located.

Top Stack #1: Falcons

Matt RyanJulio JonesDevonta Freeman

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