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NBA DFS Strategy: DraftKings GPP Film Room (January 30, 2016)

One of the most important things that we can do as DFS players is learn from what we did right and what we did wrong the night before. Let’s look at yesterday’s (January 30, 2016) DraftKings GPP results to see what we can take away from this and leverage in the future.

There is a lot be to taken away from an analysis of the prior evening’s winning lineup in comparison to what we did. There are different ways to construct a lineup that puts up 350 plus DK points. In the “DraftKings Film Room”, we will look at how a winning lineup differs from what I constructed in hopes that we can better our approach the next day.

In last night’s DK Sharpshooter, which requires just a $3 entry fee and had a prize pool of $250,000 with 95,833 entries, I finished with 315.50 DK points which was good for 8,430th place. Not what I was hoping for. The best way to learn from a night like this is to check my approach against the winners. We should be able to take away something that makes us better the next night. Here is the entry we are looking at from me, DK username bradward12.

PlayerCostProjected PointsActual DraftKings Points
PG   John Wall  $9,40042.7354.50
SG   James Harden$10,10045.9176.75
SF   Trevor Ariza$5,50025.0030.75
PF   Kevin Love$7,10032.2743.75
C     Myles Turner$5,30024.09       45.5%Owned31.25
G    Wayne Ellington$3,30015.0025.25
F     Jeff Green$5,00022.7340.00
U    David West$4,30019.5513.25
Totals $50,000227.28315.50 Total

Without looking at any other comparisons, you can see where I made a mistake in rostering David West. West is on the back-end of his career and drew the start against Cleveland, in the absence of Tim Duncan. The Cavs blew the doors off of San Antonio and West only logged 23 minutes. He was 4-6 with 8 points and 3 rebounds. I expected this game to stay closer and for West to have a bigger impact in the game. In retrospect, there were some better options with plus match-ups that I could have pivoted to at the $4.3K price point. You always have to be careful about the last guy you roster, because he is rarely someone you initially targeted.

Now let’s take a look at the winner’s lineup and see what can be learned. Congrats to ABELGARCIALVOZ, for taking down last nights “Sharpshooter” and $20,000. Let’s see how he did it.

PlayersCost% OwnedActual DraftKings Points Salary Difference vs My Lineup
PG    Jrue Holiday$7,10035.5%36.50 +$2,300
SG    James Harden$10,10041.5%76.75
SF    Joe Johnson$4,90012.3%26.75 +$600
PF    Jordan Hill$4,1009.2%45.75 +$200
C      Nikola Jokic $4,90012.9%43.25 +$400
G      Monta Ellis$6,80018.4%58.25 =$3,600 more space
F      Jeff Green$5,00011.7%40.00
U     Brook Lopez$7,10030.4%62.00
Totals$50,000389.29!!!!! Wins $20,000

When you first glance at this lineup, you wonder how it’s possible that he was able to get Lopez and Ellis into this lineup. This is the where we have to take a closer look at how this lineup was constructed.

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