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Daily Fantasy Sports Strategy Focus: Victiv and the “Substitute” Option

Ever wonder what the best way to use the Sub feature in Victiv is? We’re here to help with our best strategy advice on how to effectively use the Sub on Victiv.

I often get asked why I chose a certain player for the Sub position on Victiv and today I am going to give you the three ways I use the Sub. For those of you not familiar with Victiv it is the only site that gives you a player called a Sub that does not count against your salary cap. This player can be of any position and of any value 5000 and below. If said player scores more points than any player in your lineup those points will be used instead of the other players points. The Sub is an amazing tool and if used properly can help you build winning lineups.

The first way to use the Sub is for a player who has a low floor but high ceiling. An example of this type of player would be Jason Richardson. I prefer to go this route when I have a more balanced lineup. With a more balanced lineup I am willing to swing for the fences on the Sub. In this scenario I am willing to take the possibility of a single digit performance knowing that I have a strong overall lineup and will more than likely not be using that score.

The second way I use a Sub is if I am having a toss-up between two players. I have player A at 4200 and player B at 4900 that I feel will both score around the same amount of points. On most sites you plug player A in and take your savings to another position. With Victiv I can play them both by placing player A in my normal lineup for the 700 dollar savings and by playing player B at the Sub. By using the Sub this way I can get both players in my lineup without having to worry about kicking myself later for choosing the wrong one.

The last and final way I use a sub and my favorite way to use it is for cost savings. In this scenario I want to pay up for a Superstar. On Victiv they have by far the toughest pricing in the industry and if you want to get a Superstar like Westbrook in your lineup you have to get creative. When I choose to go this route the Sub becomes crucial. Unlike in the first possibility I outlined I fully am expecting to use the Sub’s score. To get the Superstar in my lineup I am taking a chance on a player under 4000 who has high upside. I go into this knowing that player may put up a single digit score and I will need to use my Sub’s score to bail me out. Instead of taking the player with low floor high ceiling I am going the opposite taking the player with a high floor but not as high of a ceiling. Ideally you would love a Sub to have both high floor and ceiling.

Those are the three most effective ways I have found to use the Sub. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments on the best ways you have found to use this wonderful feature.

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Victiv is an awesome daily fantasy sports site. With NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA and more - there is no shortage of action to work with each day. Moxyball writers love playing on Victiv and highly recommend adding it to your DFS wallet! Start building your bankroll, today!


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