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FanDuel NBA Tips 2/26 | Bradsgotmoxy Shares 5 of His Picks for Tonight’s DFS Action!

Looking for FanDuel NBA Tips and Advice 2/26? Bradsgotmoxy breaks down five of his top plays for tonight’s FanDuel NBA contests!

I often get asked by many for my thoughts on the NBA in the world of daily fantasy sports.  And for a long time, it was just not something that I played.  I had always preferred to stick to the three sports I knew very well: MLB, NFL and NHL.  However, the more and more I was asked, the more I knew that it was something that I would have to get up to speed in order to provide more NBA coverage here at Moxyball.  To make a long story short, I’ve been ramping up my research on the basketball side of things over the last little while – and I’ve found a comfort zone with the line-ups that I have been able to put together.  So, in addition to Jared’s picks on FanDuel – I will be doing a daily column, breaking down the five players that I like for the night’s NBA action.

Let’s get into my favourite plays for tonight’s light night of action…

I’ll kill two birds with one stone here and say that in my books, Russell Westbrook ($11,000) and Stephen Curry ($10,300) are my picks at the point guard position today.  Not only are they two of the elite options in the NBA, but for me, they are almost automatic picks due to the fact that there are only 2 other suitable options at the PG position, both with extreme risks relative to their price-tags.  Brandon Knight ($7,400) has struggled from a FD perspective since joining the Suns and is on the second half of a back to back, while Kyrie Irving ($8,400) has fallen short of providing a positive ROI in his last 6 games. Tonight may be the night where that turns around for Kyrie in a high-profile game against Golden State, but I am going to avoid him and lock in the two stars at PG tonight as the core of my roster.

C Alex Len, $5,000

With the two studs locked into both PG spots, it is time to do some deep value diving.  I have opted to start with Len, locking him into my C spot today.  He didn’t have the best of nights last night, posting 19 FDP against Denver – but even as such, if his floor sits at approximately 20 points, I am happy to take a shot on the upside.  A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. He only played 22 minutes last night, while he had seen north of 32 minutes in the previous 3 games.
  2. He has hit double-digit rebounds in each of the last 4 games, which really gives him a nice floor.

All in all, I like the odds that he produces north of 25 FDP tonight against OKC, and he is locked nad loaded in my line-up.

PF Serge Ibaka, $7,200

Ibaka is another one of my higher priced spends for tonight’s action.  I won’t argue with those that load up with LeBron as well, but after the PG’s, I have decided to spread out a little more – and Ibaka is one of my picks tonight.  He has been on a great run of late, averaging 41.47 FDP per game over the last 4.  Sure, in one of those games he grabbed 22 boards, and in another he blocked 8 shots – neither of which we can bank on – but even in the two ‘normal’ games, he posted 38 and 36.9 FDP.  With the Westbook/Curry combo, I am looking for some more safety with my high-priced buys, and I think Ibaka keeps his good run going.  I like his chances to produce 35 FDP with some room on the upside tonight as OKC travels to Phoenix.

SF P.J. Tucker, $4,900

Tucker has been remarkably consistent of late for the Suns.  He has played north of 26 minutes in each of the last 10 games – and has been a great value play in FanDuel, registering over 20 FDP in 8 straight, and 9 of his last 10 games.  In my opinion, he is a must start tonight.  As someone who can reach double-digit points, chip in with a solid effort on the glass, and is a consistent source of steals – he is someone who should be close to universally owned in the FanDuel world tonight.

SG J.R. Smith, $5,300

Smith has carved himself out a niche for the Cavs since the trade, and has been playing really good basketball since leaving New York.  Some may be scared away by the drop in minutes last time out, and the subsequent poor FDP total, but I’m not in that camp.  Tonight, we have the marquee match-up between the Cavs and Warriors, which will see a ton of points in a run and gun style game.  Prior to last time out, he had been in the 24.8-31.6 range, which is a good return on a $5,300 investment.  Tonight, I think he will approach 30FDP, and is a solid option at the 2 tonight.

Who do you like for tonight’s FanDuel NBA Action?  Have any questions for us, or want to talk FanDuel NBA with other readers?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Roster one
    T Thompson

    Everyone will be using Westbrook, Curry and K Thompson. Separation will be tough

  2. I don’t understand or agree with the avoiding Brandon knight tonight IMO he is a MUST START

    • At his price, the question for me is will he clear 34 FDP…something he hasn’t done the last five times out. It could very well happen tonight, but I’d like to see more from him after the trade before feeling comfortable plugging him in. Despite the fact there is only two games, there’s a lot of value out there on the low-cost end of things IMO. Best of luck tonight Craig!

  3. punt TJ Warren? seen increased minutes the last few games and could be a decent option to get in another big name

    • I like Warren and if there was a bigger slate I would use him as a punt but I do not think two game slates are a time to really take chances unless its a GPP

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