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FanDuel NBA Lineup for Feb 27 | NBA DFS FanDuel Lineup Picks, Tips, Strategy & Advice for February 27, 2015 (2/27)

FanDuel NBA Lineup for February 27 | DFS FanDuel Tips, Strategy, Picks and Advice for Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Feb 27, 2015 (2/27)

The Feb 26th action is still on the go as we write this post, but things are looking pretty solid at this point. LeBron James is having a fantastic night, which is certainly helping to carry our squad thus far. Let’s hope things continue to go well as we head into the 10:30pm game when the Suns take on the Thunder. We’re currently sitting at 187.6 points, with Russell Westbrook, Mitch McGary and Alex Len on the go. 

Let’s take a look at who we’re going to play for our Feb 27th NBA DFS FanDuel lineup. Make sure to check back with us prior to lineup lock for any late changes. 

With just about a full night in the NBA, there are going to be plenty of high-scoring results on Friday night. We are going to share the all-day lineup we like in the early going, but will likely take a look at a Turbo option as well as FanDuel opens those contests up later in the day. 

Moxyball FanDuel NBA Lineup for Feb 27, 2015 (50-50s)

PG: Russell Westbrook, $11,200
PG: Marcus Smart, $5,000
SG: Jimmy Butler, $8,800
SG: Courtney Lee, $3,700
SF: LeBron James, $10,400
SF: James Johnson, $4,100
PF: Kevin Love, $8,300
PF: Jerami Grant, $3,900
C: Alexis Ajinca, $4,400

After some further analysis, we’re making some changes to our lineup for the day. This is the one we’ll be playing with the majority of our allocation for tonight:

PG: Russell Westbrook, $11,200
PG: Reggie Jackson, $6,100
SG: Jimmy Butler, $8,800
SG: Courtney Lee, $3,700
SF: LeBron James, $10,400
SF: James Johnson, $4,100
PF: Greg Monroe, $7,600
PF: Joffrey Lauvergne, $3,500
C: Alexis Ajinca, $4,400

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Moxyball FanDuel NBA Lineup for Feb 27, 2015 (50-50s) – TURBO Contests

We prefer playing FanDuel NBA on nights with fewer games. It’s a more manageable slate to work with during the Turbo part of the night, so here goes nothing:

PG: Chris Paul, $10,200
PG: Aaron Brooks, $4,500
SG: Jimmy Butler, $8,800
SG: Courtney Lee, $3,700
SF: Andrew Wiggins, $6,700
SF: Luol Deng, $6,300
PF: Zach Randolph, $8,200
PF: Nikola Mirotic, $3,700
C: Marc Gasol, $7,800

Moxyball FanDuel NBA Plays for Feb 27 Contests

Notes for today’s games:

With such a deep slate of games, expect high-scoring lineups (think 290+ as a target for 50-50 success).

On a night like this, it’s absolutely necessary to take some risks when building a roster, so going with a more top-heavy lineup is the approach we believe will yield the highest probability of success.

Let’s start with our high-priced talent and work our way down the roster.

  • Russell Westbrook and LeBron James enter the night as 2 of the top options on the table. Despite playing on the 26th, they are high-end contributors every time they step on the floor. LeBron is coming off a massive 64.7 point night, while Westbrook just got going against the Suns. These 2 will probably not be as highly owned as they should be, thanks to having so many options out there on a deep slate night.
  • Jimmy Butler and Kevin love are the next 2 highest investments for the lineup. With Derrick Rose out for an extended period of time, Butler will continue to be a huge part of the Bulls’ offense. He was a beast when Rose missed time last year, and this will hold true from now until the end of the year. Expect his price to climb above $9,000 in short order. Love is a steady 30-40 point performer, who I think needs to be given strong consideration thanks to his consistency and 5.0 ROI upside at the position.
  • Marcus Smart has really settled in as a member of the Celtics since taking the reigns at point guard. Boston loves his aggressive nature on defense, and he’s playing at a very consistent level right now from a DFS standpoint with 22+ in 3 of his last 4 (with the lowest being 15.9 in that span). His floor is a 3.0 ROI while the ceiling is closer to 7.
  • Courtney Lee is a great value at shooting guard for the Grizzlies right now. He’s gone for 29.1, 18.7 and 20.3 over the last 3… and at $3,700 he’s feeling like a steal against the Clippers.
  • James Johnson has been seeing an expanded role for the Raptors lately, as they lean on him a bit more than earlier in the year when they were still giving Terrence Ross considerable minutes. With 35, 35 and 26 minutes over the last 3, the production has followed as well with 47, 23.5 and 18.8 points. He has a 4.0 ROI floor with a much higher ceiling. A great compliment for the studs and scrubs lineup strategy.
  • Jerami Grant came back for the Sixers and had a really strong 22.4 FDP outing in 33 minutes. I see a very bright future for him in the Philly rotation, and he makes for a very attractive sub-$4,000 value at the PF position.
  • Alexis Ajinca is the only center option under $5,000 that I feel has legitimate 30 FDP upside. There is no going wrong with him while Anthony Davis is out of the lineup.

Others we like tonight:

We like the players below, but unfortunately they didn’t fit into the daily lineup based on our optimal construction analysis.

  • Pau Gasol – See Jimmy Butler above. He’s a huge part of the Bulls’ plans now that Rose is out for an extended period of time. He just didn’t fit in salary-wise today for us.
  • Aaron Brooks – Expanded role with Rose down, and at $4,500 there’s tons of value here. You can make an argument for him over Marcus Smart, but I prefer Smart’s consistency a bit more. You never know what the Bulls coaching staff will do at the PG position sometimes.
  • Isaiah Canaan – Now that his salary has jumped $900 to $4,400 – he’s less attractive than before. However, for a starting PG who will get 30+ minutes on a team that plays from behind, he could easily put up 25 points. More of a GPP option in my books.
  • Will Barton – He appears to be one of the main beneficiaries of Arron Afflalo leaving town. He’s had 21.1, 20.3 and 36.1 points in his last 3 outings. Not bad for $4,100 if you can fit him in.

There’s a lot more to like out there, but we’ll stop there for now. Best of luck, everyone!

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  1. Jared I think there is a safer value play at PF tonight. Lauvergne of Denver is a skilled rookie who has been playing good minutes and will be forced to play even more with Denver’s front line basically non existent due to injuries.

    • He is definitely someone that I’m giving some thought to building into the lineup. With the news Nurkic will not be playing, it looks like Hickson and Lauvergne will get extra run. I’ll crunch the numbers further and may update the lineup before game time. Thanks for the comment!

  2. No love for Terrence Jones or Jae Crowder?
    I’m also not sure why you like Ajinca so much, Jared. Omer Asik is a much more reliable option
    to score around 30FPP and get a 5-6ROI.

    • They have both been playing very well, but unfortunately don’t fit into the plans for the day based on the approach we’ve taken with the core.
      Jones has been quite consistent lately, but the value seems to be all but gone.
      Crowder may be solid for another day or two as a 5x ROI candidate, but he’s approaching his optimal price in my opinion.

    • I missed the Asik comment. Agreed he is a solid play, but with the lack of offensive potential I feel his value is capped at 30 FDP max. Nothing wrong with it, should he hit that plateau… however Ajinca is cheaper (Asik didn’t fit into my plans for the posted lineup) and has shown the ability to explode for 40+ from time to time. With so many games today, I feel you need to go with a bit more upside… which is why I lean on Ajinca tonight.

    • Jones and Crowder were a couple of my value picks that paid off for me big time on Wednesday and I’m sticking to them. If you watch their games they’re playing a very big role on the court.

  3. I’ve got:

    • I’m taking another look at a lineup that starts the same way as you’ve mentioned, with Westbrook and Jackson… may post it a bit later in the day if I feel it should replace the initial squad! Looks quite solid, BeeLee.

  4. I love Westbrook every night with Durant out but I am having trouble finding a reason to leave Wall against Philly in a game I feel the Wizards will look to make a statement that they are still good and MCW against the worst def for PG’s in the league in the Lakers I can make the case against MCW and I hope he is ruled out. Guess I am going to find a way to fit Wall and Westbrook in together tonight

  5. This is what I am going to roll with baring any injury news

    C- Gobert

  6. My line up any advise will be Highly Appreciated
    PG Russell Westbrook/ Wall
    SG Giannis Antetokounmpo/J.R Smith
    SF Trevor Ariza/Jeff Green
    PF Donatas Motiejuna/ Marreese Speights
    C Hassan Whiteside

    • I think there is better value to be had than Speights. He is only playing about 15 minutes a night and has only scored over 15 fantasy points once in the last 8 games. There are a lot of injuries that are opening minutes up at that position. You can go with Hickson or Lauvergne of Denver. Lauvergne has a lot of upside in my opinion. You also have Seraphin of Washington who will play more tonight with Humph out. Just to name a few.

  7. Rolling with these two Line-Ups right now

    Butler/ J.R. Smith
    J. Johnson/ Crowder




  8. First I want to say again how awesome this forum and website is, you guys are great. Heres my go at it for tonights 50/50……I’m 7/8 since the allstar break, lets keep it rolling.
    Barton/E Millsap

  9. Anyone else doing the turbo games?

  10. Pau Gasol left sick today…time to revamp.

  11. Gasol officially out

  12. with harden out brewer should get some more playing time and he has stepped up quite a bit the last few games

  13. PG

    Ricky Rubio

    Reggie Jackson


    DeMar DeRozan

    Avery Bradley


    Draymon Green

    Corey Brewer

    Greg Monroe


    Derrick Favors
    Hassen whiteside

  14. Not loving the lineup
    With so many options but we shall see

  15. barbosa or foye in a GPP

  16. schved or temple in a GPP

  17. hill poindexter or babbit in a GPP??

  18. I think bulter, westbrook, gay are must plays but not sure how to build around them


    Thoughts? Advice?

  19. Westbrook / Jackson
    Butler / Lee
    Lebron / Barnes
    Lauvergne / Millsap


  20. King James is out tonight switch lineups

    • I wish I got the memo! Got caught up with work. I entered my lineups early and took the advice of this site. Had Lebron in one and Gasol in another. I’m screwed!

  21. Lebron is Out.. smh gotta fix the lineup now

  22. Go with MCW for Milwaukee!

  23. tonight line up any advice will be helpful 3/2/2015
    PG Paul C/Rubio Ricky
    SG Ellis Monta/ De Rozan
    SF Wiggins Andrew/Johnson james
    PF Nowitzki Dirk/Johnson Amir
    C Hassan Whiteside

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