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FanDuel NBA Lineup for February 25 | NBA DFS FanDuel Lineup Picks, Tips, Strategy & Advice for Feb 25

FanDuel NBA Lineup for February 25 | DFS FanDuel Tips, Strategy, Picks and Advice for Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Feb 25, 2015 (2/25)

Our picks from yesterday’s action put together 251.3 points, but fell short of the money in our 50-50 contests. Reggie Jackson had a big game with 40+, but John Wall, Tyson Chandler and J.R. Smith in particular let us down with less production than we anticipated.  

It’s been a tough little stretch for our selections, but we’re confident that our luck will change in short order.

There’s a big slate of games today, so let’s get down to it and have a look at who we like for tonight’s FanDuel NBA DFS contests.

Moxyball FanDuel NBA Lineup for Feb 25, 2015 (50-50s)

Note: We’ve updated the lineup above based on further analysis of tonight’s slate.  

After some further number-crunching, we put together a second lineup in addition to the above. We’ll be playing both rosters to see how things play out. Best of luck today.

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Moxyball FanDuel NBA Plays for Feb 25 Contests

Notes for today’s games:

  • Isaiah Canaan – Hard to pass up a starting PG at the site minimum. He faces a tough Bucks defense, but with 20+ FDP as a reasonable expectation, he makes for a great PG2. Expect him to be highly owned. Aaron Brooks is another nice option at the price, who I will likely build into some GPP squads today.
  • Tyreke Evans will carry the load on offense for the Pelicans with Anthony Davis out of the lineup. He’s a fantastic DFS option tonight against Brooklyn.
  • James Harden is a sure-fire 40+ scorer tonight, with the upside for 50+ against a very vulnerable Clippers defense. They rank 13th against the SG position.
  • I love what I’ve seen from Ricky Rubio over the last few games. He’s been distributing the ball very well on offense and makes for a must-start play for me tonight.
  • I’m going back to the well with Danilo Gallinari, even though he’s now at $4,000. With 25-30 minutes in sight against Phoenix who plays a fast-paced, high-scoring game – there’s 30+ FDP upside today.
  • I really like Luol Deng at $6,200 tonight, facing the 29th ranked SF defense (Orlando). He has an expanded role on offense with Chris Bosh out of the lineup, and there’s serious upside for 30+ FDP.
  • Pau Gasol should step up in the absence of Derrick Rose and play an even more expanded role on offense. Expect about 40 from him tonight.
  • There are TONS of centers I like today, but am rolling with Rudy Gobert because I feel he has the highest floor. You can make an argument for Tyler Zeller, Alexis Ajinca, Alex Len or Jusuf Nurkic – but I feel best about Gobert going up against a weak Lakers squad today.

Others we like tonight:

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  1. Two lineups, both in tourneys:
    brooks, paul
    harden, markel brown
    gallinari, jared dudley
    pao gasol, bass
    brooks, dragic
    butler, bledsoe
    wiggins, leonard
    duncan, noel

    • I like those for gpp. Do you think Markel Brown repeats his minutes and fp tonight? I like McCallum tonight.

    • You see that K.Leonard has been 22 or less in 5 of the last 6 and admitted he’s in a slump, right?
      I’ve got Duncan very low also. I just think that is a low scoring tough game.
      M.Brown – you are putting a lot of faith in one game of history.
      Why Dudley – is he starting or coming off the bench? Lots of clunkers in recent history with 6 of last 10 under 16 FD points.

    • I like the M. Brown pick, but not as much if J. Jack is playing. I watched that game where Brown went off and a lot of his points came from intangibles, not just making baskets. He handled the ball a lot when Darren Williams wasn’t in the game, but he’ll lose that if Jarret Jack is on the floor.

  2. I also have two lineups going in to some GPPs

    Milsap/Jason Smith
    $300 left




    • I like McCallum better than Canaan tonight. Just my two cents. Both are strong lineups.

    • Jason Smith may be giving way to some Bargnani.
      Clarkson seems fine but there are so many great PGs with value out there I would look elsewhere.
      Same thing with Canaan – his whole career is 2 games so far. Not a lot of sample size but at least you don’t need to get much with a minimum cost guy. Def liking #2 better.

  3. which is the better combo…Avery Bradley/Harden or jimmy butler/Bledsoe?

    • bradley and harden

    • Not even close in my projections. I have Bradley/Harden with 86 total. Butler/Bledsoe with 70. I posted all mine at http://www.sportsguydaily.com

      • I went to your site, I like it. One of the better prognostication sites I’ve seen that was really easy and informative. I do have one question. When you list numbers like this (21, 5800,185) do you mean they will score 21 points, they cost 5800 and it’s $185 per point? If so, then the lower the $ amount the better right?

        • Yes. Exactly. Sorry I know that is confusing to see first time. Other places use like “5x”value. I think “cost per point” makes more sense but it is the same thing switching numerator and denominator. 5X is $200 per point. Lower is better. Thanks for the positive comments.

          • One last exchange, not stalking you I swear. I wholeheartedly agree when you say to go back and recap to see how you did good or bad. I try to do that but it’s no so easy. If I check for FP on the DFS site, maybe the guy isn’t playing that day. It’s a pain to look at a box score and try and figure out what the FP would have been. (I can do it but I’m sorta lazy) SO, is there a site that you know of where I can go and see a total recap in fantasy points, preferably the site I play? Does your site offer that? I’m new at basketball, I’m more of a baseball guy.

          • No problem at all. Sorry to moxy for talking about somewhere else. I love what they do here and the discussion they allow here. My recap has a link to how every player did each day. I’m not sure of anywhere else. Haven’t really looked. Can email me or comment there with any questions too.

  4. Why is everyone so high on Harden tonight? Look at his stats against the Clippers this year 12.5 pts 6.0 ast 4.5 rpg. You really want to break your bank on those numbers.

    • No idea…thinking the same myself

    • Different games. Different teams. Different circumstances. The last game on Feb 11 was the 2nd game of a back-to-back. Remember the game on Feb 10? Harden had 43 minutes, 40 points, 12 rebounds, 9 assists (71 FanDuel points) and was basically carried off the court due to exhaustion. He had 40 minutes in both games before that one as well. Then he gets Griffin and the Clippers the very next day!
      Harden at home and rested will be fine.

      • Its not just this year though he struggles against the Clippers plain and simple.

        James Harden is a career 45% field goal shooter. He is shooting 36% against the Clippers. His best shooting game against them was a 5-12 performance for 42%.

        James Harden is a 37% three point shooter. Against the Clippers? 14%. FOURTEEN! He’s even had 3 games in which he went oh-fer from distance.

        James Harden has averaged 26.2 points per game since joining Houston. He averages 17.9 against the Clippers.

        Harden even shoots 5 percentage points worse from the free throw line against the Clippers.

        Harden averages an extra turnover and foul against the Clippers. He averages one fewer assist.

        • Very flawed analysis. With such small sample sizes (2 games this year), we could do this for every player against every other team and come up with some crazy stats. Going back to prior years with different players, coaches, and even teams, is virtually meaningless. [Unless you can explain WHY he shoots free throws worse against a team, no matter who he plays for, and no matter which venue he’s at.]
          I’m guessing those averages go up a bit after today. Should be a good game, anyway.

          • Some players just play bad against some teams no matter what and that is Harden as the most expensive guy on the board and for someone who likes to talk history and game logs all the time how do you ignore the facts. He sucks against the Clippers am I saying he is going to score less than 10 points again no but he is not worth the money.

          • well one of you gets to comeback tomorrow and gloat while the other one stays away.

          • Hey I hope we both get to gloat tomorrow with great nights

          • 37.8 points equals to 293.65 dollars per point I would say not very good or worth the money and lets talk about that shooting percentage 4/13 from the field yikes but I will give him credit for the 10 dimes he dropped I did not see that coming

  5. I don’t know why they post those horrible line ups everyday but always nice to come and get some advice

    • I think their lineups and usually pretty good. I appreciate some of the narrative on the guys they like even more. Hard to settle on one and then be held accountable for it. Is yours posted yet?

      • I don’t think their lineups have been good for a while. I often look at them and scratch my head. They often leave Westbrook out and put guys like Tolliver in that lay complete goose eggs all the time.

        • I left Westbrook out of mine yesterday and finished above 90th percentile. Nothing wrong with leaving Westbrook out. But I agree – some have a lot more risk to them. They’ve mentioned about 20 guys above and I have no problem with any of them. Guys like Canaan and Nurkic wouldn’t be my first choice but opinions are like….

          • I get it. But it’s also not a surprise that quite often the top lineups have Westbrook in them. I respect everyone’s opinion, I just kind of scratch my head that almost every time they have Harden in their lineup even if it takes playing some real risk players, and then they’ll leave Westbrook out. On Fan Duel both players cost the same and over the last 9 games Westbrook has scored 471.7 FanDuel points and Harden has scored 438.9.

      • I don’t post my line ups I don’t like sharing!! lmao!! I don’t want to split $50,000

    • I don’t post my line ups I don’t like sharing!! lmao!! I don’t want to split $50,000

  6. I can honestly say I’ve outscored them EVERY TIME!!

  7. Jared J-Ghost Jones

    Ty Lawson/Brandon Knight or Wall/Mo Williams … which is better??

    • Wall/Williams easily for me.
      Lawson has been a head case and scored 25,29 after the break and getting criticized by his coach. Knight has a 23,18 for his new team even though his yearly and recent averages are around 30 (what you are paying for).

    • Wall/williams is a no Brainer for me as well

  8. PG- Williams
    PG- Paul
    SG- Bledsoe
    SG- Evans
    SF- Casspi
    SF- Gallinari
    PF- Bass
    PF- Gasol
    C- Gobert

  9. Brooks/Paul

  10. To many options tonight so I’m gambling a little.
    Lineup #1
    Lineup #2

  11. Paul/mo williams

    Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

  12. ajinca vs len vs asik?

  13. dragic or Rubio?

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