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FanDuel NBA Lineup for Feb 26 | NBA DFS FanDuel Lineup Picks, Tips, Strategy & Advice for February 26, 2015 (2/26)

FanDuel NBA Lineup for February 26 | DFS FanDuel Tips, Strategy, Picks and Advice for Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Feb 26, 2015 (2/26)

The Feb 25th action is still on the go as we write this post, but things are looking pretty solid at this point – especially for the lineup featuring DeAndre Jordan and company.

Update Feb 26 @ 8am EST: With last night’s action wrapped up, here are the results:

Lineup #1 – The first one posted on Feb 25: Rubio, Canaan, Harden, Evans, Deng, Gallinari, Gasol, Bass, Gobert: 298.6, 100% win rate

Lineup #2 – Second one posted: Williams, Brooks, Harden, Bradley, Deng, Gallinari, Favors, Noel, Jordan: 265.6, 100% win rate (although it was a VERY close call… finishing right on the border in the 3 $1 50-50s I played in)

Lineup #3 – Third one posted: Rubio, Brooks, Harden, Bradley, Gay, Gallinari, Aldridge, Favors, Ajinca: 264.2, 0% win rate (almost the same final number as lineup #2, but just low enough to finish outside of the payout zone)

Let’s take a look at who we’re going to play for our Feb 26th NBA DFS FanDuel lineup. Make sure to check back with us prior to lineup lock for any late changes. 

With only a 2-game slate, there is little room for error or misses. We’ll be keeping our bankroll investment nice and low as a result.

Moxyball FanDuel NBA Lineup for Feb 26, 2015 (50-50s)

PG: Russell Westbrook, $11,000
PG: Stephen Curry, $10,300
SG: Iman Shumpert, $4,000
SG: J.R. Smith, $5,300
SF: LeBron James, $10,400
SF: Andre Iguodala, $4,500
PF: David Lee, $5,300
PF: Mitch McGary, $4,000
C: Alex Len, $5,000

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Moxyball FanDuel NBA Plays for Feb 26 Contests

Notes for today’s games:

  • With only 2 games on the schedule for Feb 26, the options are very limited at each position.
  • After crunching the numbers, it became pretty apparent that it was possible to fit in 3 big names (Curry, Westbrook, LeBron) with a lineup that has some serious upside.
  • I feel like you almost “have to” start both Curry and Westbrook, with the only 2 other serviceable PG options being Kyrie Irving and Brandon Knight, each of which have considerable consistency risk in their own respects.
  • The one spot in the lineup we’re sacrificing is at shooting guard. We don’t have room for Eric Bledsoe or Klay Thompson by going with the “big 3” – so we’re rolling the dice with Smith and Shumpert. If we can get 35-40 points from the duo, we’ll be happy.
  • Andre Iguodala is a solid SF option to pair with James. He’s had 21+ FDP in each of his last 3 games, averaging almost 30 minutes a contest in that span. Can’t go wrong at $4,500.
  • David Lee is an efficient producer. Nothing special, but a pretty safe bet for about 20 points.
  • Mitch McGary has been playing at a high level lately, and makes for a must-start at the thin PF position on a 2-game night. He has 20+ FDP in each of his last 3.
  • Alex Len rounds out the squad. He’s on one heck of a tear right now, and is likely to be the top value play from a points vs salary perspective on the day.

Others we like tonight:

We like the players below, but unfortunately they didn’t fit into the daily lineup based on our optimal construction analysis.

  • Timofey Mozgov – He’s been playing well lately for the Cavs, but we prefer Len due to the price.
  • Serge Ibaka – On a nice run for the Thunder, and a solid candidate for 30+.
  • Kevin Love – We went with 3 x $10K+ investments, leaving no room for a pricey PF. If we were to swap one of them out for a cheaper option, Love would quickly slot right in.
  • P.J. Tucker – A very nice SF play for 30 minutes and 20+ points.

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  1. My initial lineup for tonight but hoping there is a late scratch to open up a value play

    SG- Shumpert
    SF- Tucker
    SF- Iguadala
    PF- Lee
    PF- Ibaka
    C- Len

  2. Sportsguydaily when are you updating your site.

  3. Yeah tough day for lineups. I’m debating not playing, but will likely put a low $ lineup in a 50/50

  4. This is my line-up for tonight

    • I like the Ibaka and Love combo instead of going up and getting lebron. I almost did that and still might change mine where it’s more balanced

  5. Roster one

    Everyone will probably be using Curry, Westbrook and K Thompson so maybe a lil difference will be a positive in getting separation on a night that will be tough. This is just one roster.

    • So I get trying to fade Curry and Westbrook but to drop down to Augustine instead of Irving or Knight thats a bit of a reach

      • like I said its one roster I feel good with. Augustine is a great fit for this format IMO. I have another roster which includes both the others you mentioned. My problem lately is trying to get low dollar guys to produce. I’ve done fairly well with a unilateral roster. Just my opinion

      • I think Kyrie will go off tonight. He tends to do that in the big games.

    • you cant get seperation if those three go nuts which they most likely will. gonna have to get creative with role players

  6. I’m going with two rosters.
    mcgary/marcus morris

  7. Roster two
    K Thompson
    Jr Smith
    Pj Tucker
    I aka
    Suggestions welcome. I already have Westbrook and Curry together in another format

  8. No roster one i have 400 bucks. Second one every dime was spent

  9. thoughts on TJ warren? been getting increased minutes on the court?

  10. Westbrook/knight
    Jr smith/Thompson

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