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FanDuel NBA Lineup for February 11 | NBA DFS FanDuel Lineup Picks, Tips, Strategy & Advice for Feb 11

[custom_headline type=”left” level=”h1″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”true”]FanDuel NBA Lineup for February 11 | DFS FanDuel Tips, Strategy, Picks and Advice for Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Feb 11, 2015 (2/11)[/custom_headline]

Feb 10th was a great night for our lineup, winning 100% of our 50-50s. Our roster finished with a total of 280.9 points, led by Eric Bledsoe (45.8), Tony Allen (29), Gerald Henderson (30.3), Josh Smith (34.7) and DeMarcus Cousins (36.6). Even though we didn’t start James Harden and his 70+ FDP – we had a well-rounded squad that was able to keep pace.  

Tonight we are going to focus on building a great NBA FanDuel lineup to help compete and win in Feb 11th contests (all games). Let’s keep the good times rolling, folks!

Let’s dive into our FanDuel NBA lineup for Feb 11th!

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There are some solid values and matchups for tonight’s action, so we’re going to likely roll with a 5% bankroll allocation with the slate. Let’s take a closer look.

Moxyball FanDuel NBA Lineup for Feb 11th, 2015 (50-50s)

PG1: John Wall, $9,100
PG2: Marcus Smart, $4,800
SG1: Giannis Antetokounmpo, $6,800

SG2: Tony Allen, $4,000 (originally had Millsap – but Allen is the higher floor play)
SF1: Kevin Durant, $10,600
SF2: LeBron James, $10,800
PF1: John Henson, $5,100
PF2: Jason Smith, $4,900
C: Spencer Hawes, $3,800

Note: Tonight should be a fun one, with Durant and LeBron both in the fold… not to mention John Wall who had a huge game against Toronto the last time they faced off. Best of luck to all!

Moxyball FanDuel NBA Plays for Feb 11th Contests

We always like to do our analysis before ultimately developing the lineup we feel is strongest as a group. Usually they will find their way into our final roster, but sometimes they won’t fit for one reason or another. If we mention a player below and he doesn’t end up on our squad, that doesn’t mean you should shy away from running him!

With that said, here are 4 players we like the looks of heading into tonight’s contests.

James Johnson, $4,000

Johnson is not typically a 30+ minute per game guy, but he’s definitely productive when on the floor. In his last 2 games he’s producing at a fairly elite 1.087 FDP per minute rate. With Paul Pierce, John Wall and company in town – the Raptors will need Johnson’s defensive energy on the floor. The Raps are also showing more confidence in his ability to score on the post, which is helping elevate his value. We can count on a 5.0+ ROI from Johnson today.

Tobias Harris, $6,200

Assuming Harris suits up tonight, he’ll be a very strong 50-50 play at the SF position. With his price sitting nicely in the low $6,000s – it’s hard to pass him up. He’s producing at a 6.6 ROI level right now (last 3 games) which puts him 3rd overall in this category amongst players who are active tonight. It’s worth noting that New York is the league’s best defense against opposing small forwards on the season, but I can easily see Harris hitting the 25+ point mark despite this point. I wouldn’t blame you for looking at another option, but keep in mind he’s a high floor guy which is something 50-50 entrants should be focusing on. 

With Tobias Harris already ruled out, we’re adding another player that we like for tonight’s games.

Marcus Smart, $4,800

Smart has been one of the best PG2 options on FanDuel over the last couple weeks. He’s developed into a player that has a decent floor (15-20) and a ceiling of 30-35 in strong matchups. With 3 days off between the Celtics’ last game against Milwaukee, he enters tonight nice and rested. The Hawks are a tough opponent for the Celtics, but their defense against PGs ranks 19th in the league. Smart will be counted on for another 35+ minutes and should have no trouble getting to the 22-25 point mark at minimum running the Boston offense. His projection on Rotowire has him coming in at 24.8 points, which is worth a 5.17 ROI.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, $6,800

As far as shooting guards go, The Alphabet is one of the best in the business these days and a top value on FanDuel. With 34.9 or more points in 5 straight games, it’s a wonder why his price hasn’t hit the $7,000 mark quite yet… though it’s probably just a matter of one more game before this happens. He plays big minutes and is an across-the-board producer, making him an attractive option in DFS even if he doesn’t manage to have a big game in the points department. Facing Sacramento tonight on the heels of a back-to-back, look for another 35+ FDP outing from the Bucks’ young cornerstone guard. 

Spencer Hawes, $3,800

Hawes is someone I really like the value of tonight in a matchup against Houston. Owners may be scared off by Hawes’ weak output in his last game against Dallas, but if you look a bit harder at the boxscore you can see that the Clippers went with a small lineup most of the way through the game after Tyson Chandler went down to injury in the first quarter. Houston plays a different style of game, with quite a few SF/PF on their roster playing considerable minutes. This is a great night to run Hawes, who is available to us at a fantastic price of $3,800 and in a situation where a good chunk of FanDuel managers will stay away based on his last game’s production. He should get his minutes back up to the 25-30 level and can bring the same number of points to the table for an awesome 6.0+ ROI.

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  1. I like some of your value plays. I’m not sold on Hawes yet, but maybe I’ll run him in a few lineups. Goingfor2.com

    • Read your analysis for the first time. Really liked it! The top 10 plays is really neat/well thought out and the slam and dunk section is interesting as well.

      • Awesome. Glad you liked it. I just posted my “Starting 9” aka my lineup for tonight too. Check it out. Tell me what you think. Goingfor2.com

        • I really enjoy all the work you do on the goingfor2 website. I love reading it and it really helps solidify things for me on my daily picks. I usually look at your blog, Mike’s blog, and moxyball. I make up my lineups ahead of time and most of the time I’m in line with most of your plays. Keep up the great work, I know it’s time consuming.

          • Thanks. I appreciate the support. It’s good to hear that people like the blog, makes the time spent worth it.

  2. I like your value plays as well I hope Harris suits up so I can figure out my line up.

  3. I’m playing one tourney and then several 50/50s w/ these two lineups:

    • Session was horrible yesterday you think he’ll redeem himself today

      • I sure hope so. But here’s my thoughts on that lineup. It reminds me of a lineup I had the other day. In this lineup I went 2 guys under 4k (sessions, millsap) and a guy under 5k (barea). Besides Wiggins, everyone on here is 7k or more. I had a lineup the other day that was identical. 3 cheap guys, 6 studs. Otto Porter went for 1 point, the other cheap guy went for 16 (cant remember who it was) and mcgary went for 30 I do believe. With that 1 and 16, my line up still hit for 297. I’m starting to become a big fan of the 2 or 3 super cheap guys that might hit or might not, with 6 studs around them. Seems to get me the highest turnouts.

        • I think you need to play the best value no matter what the cost. I’ll take a guy that I think will cost me $220 per point over a guy costing $240 per point. Build you roster with the best values at each position. Then upgrade with leftover funds. IMHO. I’ve got all my forecasts for today at http://www.sportsguydaily.com

          • Hey Mike, I love your blog. Kudos to you for doing all that number crunching. Really interesting reads today regarding Orlando without Harris, and what happens after a 60+ point night. Thanks, I needed a break from writing my dissertation!

      • I’m going to wait and see. The math had him as a great play yesterday. If he does well today, that’s great – I’ll ride him if/when Collison is out again.

    • Wiggins average 27 since Kmart back and max 28 with Rubio in there too…..so far.
      Like I said before, I’m not down on McGary. Adams only had 18 on average to go around.

  4. Running two different line ups today as well… One is really top heavy with fill-ins and the other is more balance

    Harden/JR Smith


    A. Johnson/McGary


    • The only player that I don’t like tonight is amir johnson. Washington plays well against the PF spot and Humphries and Nene are big bruiser types. I think they’ll have their way with Amir. I like Patterson better.

    • JR Smith way too inconsistent for me.5 of last 8 under 19 points.
      Miles averages 21 at home, 17 on the road.
      McGary – back to back 31’s – both thanks to blowouts. I’m not as sure there is a blowout vs. Memphis.

  5. Any thoughts?

    McGary/jason smith

  6. What u guys think about

  7. Going with this lineup may change SF’s depending on some injuries and starting lineups being released later


  8. Out of these guys who’s the best punt option tonight at PG?
    McCallum, Temple, Exum, Livingston, or John Lucas?

  9. My studs & scrubs GPP, thoughts?
    LeBron/L. Thomas

    I’m thinking of downgrading Harden, and I’m not sold on Thomas and Villanueva, but that’s what I have right now

  10. Here is what I’m going with for 50/50 play tonight: Lillard, E.Payton, Alphabet, J.Crawford, J.Johnson, Parsons, West, Millsap, Whiteside

  11. How about this one

    Jadon smith/josh smith

  12. Not that it matters much in DFS, but I noticed the Knicks are 0-12 this season when Carmelo doesn’t play.

  13. Sessions or temple? Or anyone else under 3800. Can anyone help?

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