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FanDuel NBA Lineup for January 3 | NBA DFS FanDuel Lineup Picks, Tips, Strategy & Advice for Jan 3 (1/3)

FanDuel NBA Lineup for January 3 | DFS FanDuel Tips, Strategy, Picks and Advice for Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Jan 3, 2015 (1/3)

The FanDuel NBA lineup from yesterday’s action came up short of the money in the end. Steven Adams getting injured was the main cause for us missing the money. As was Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s below average game. On the bright side, our key spends (Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Brandon Knight) all came through with big games. Tristan Thompson had another great night with 34.8 points. Jonas Jerebko was mediocre, only scoring 14.3 points in what ended up being a blowout against New York. Things didn’t entirely go our way when all was said and done, so let’s turn the page and look ahead to January 3 to start a new winning streak.

Let’s put our bankroll to work get back to the grind for January 3 with our FanDuel NBA lineup advice, tips, strategy and picks. 

It’s a busy night once again with 8 games in the NBA. Lots of lineup options and plenty of different routes to go when building a roster. I’m keeping investments today in the low-medium range. Let’s get down to it and look at who we’re playing in our FanDuel lineup for January 3, 2015.

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Let’s take a closer look at our lineup:

FanDuel Hero Lineup for January 3, 2015

PG1: Damian Lillard, $9,200
PG2: Elfrid Payton, $4,700
SG1: James Harden, $11,500
SG2: Gary Neal, $3,600
SF1: Gordon Hayward, $7,700
SF2: Andrew Wiggins, $6,100
PF1: Jared Sullinger, $6,300
PF2: Marvin Williams, $4,200
C: Gorgui Dieng, $6,700

Notes for today’s picks:

  • For the hero lineup, I started with making sure I was able to get Damian Lillard, James Harden and Gordon Hayward into the lineup as my 3 anchors.
  • With Elfrid Payton coming off what was almost a triple-double, he is likely to be highly owned at such a reasonable price. The minutes are there, and he’s at home in this one. Worth the gamble as I was able to fit him in with Lillard with what I think is a really nice, high-upside PG combination.
  • James Harden put up a clunker on Jan 2, but he gets to go right back out on the floor the next night and prove it was just an off game. This should be a great game to watch with Miami taking on Houston. Not only is Miami the worst defense against SG in the league, but Harden only played 25 minutes against the Pelicans, so he’ll be fresh for Dwyane Wade and the Heat at home in Houston.
  • Like with Payton, Gary Neal is paired with a stud at the SG1 spot to form a stud & scrub-like duo. I still like the playing time coming Neal’s way, and the respective production in the 12-20 point range is worth the salary. Not much not to like here with an almost rock-bottom price tag at a thin position if you can pair him with one of the best players on the card.
  • Gordon Hayward and Andrew Wiggins are going to duke it out in this one. The line is set at +2 for Minnesota at home, with the total at 199 points. These 2 should exchange blow after blow and be heavily involved throughout the game. Hayward is a 26-33 point performer on average, and Wiggins is coming off a 45.8 point night. The rookie still has boom or bust risk, but it’s worth the gamble when paired with a safe guy like Gordon at the SF spot.
  • I’m going back to the Jared Sullinger well tonight. I mentioned him yesterday as a guy I liked for Jan 2, and even though he came through with only 21.2 points, he’s playing a lot better these days and makes for a nice PF value in my opinion. Chicago is his opponent in this one, and with his versatility he’ll stretch the floor against Taj Gibson, Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah, etc who are more stay at home guys. I like this chances for a 30+ FDP night.
  • Marvin Williams continues to play well and at $4,200 is worth running given the minutes he sees each night. You never know if you’ll get the 10 FDP Marvin Williams or the 20+ FDP version – but worth the gamble, particularly when you’re looking to effectively punt the roster spot with a minimum spend. Channing Frye is another option at $3,900.
  • Last but certainly not least is Gorgui Dieng. I like him a lot in this matchup due to his activity around the basket and on the defensive end. Will he score more than 10-12 points? Most likely not… but he should have no trouble grabbing 8+ boards and blocking a couple of shots. For the price tag, and the reasonable expectation of 35 minutes, he is a candidate for 30+ FDP that I’m locking in.
  • Best of luck to you all today!

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Other Plays We Like Today:

  • Wesley Matthews – His price tag isn’t a steal, but his production is consistent so start with confidence as a SG1 or SG2, depending on your lineup approach. What a tasty matchup he has with Atlanta, too – currently ranked 3rd worst in the NBA against opposing SGs.
  • Trey Burke – He was pretty bad shooting the ball on Jan 2, but the minutes are there and he’ll handle the ball plenty for Utah. Minnesota’s PGs are very beatable, so don’t shy away from rolling the dice on him, especially if you want to put Payton & Burke together as a “punt” PG duo for GPPs.
  • Dwyane Wade – I mentioned that he should go toe to toe with Harden, so if you can find a way to get him in your lineup, enjoy the ride. I may take a crack at a Harden/Wade duo for a GPP!
  • Timofey Mozgov – At $4,600 for a starting center, you can’t really go wrong if you need him to fill out a squad that is heavier elsewhere. He’s safe for 15-20 points and has upside for more when he’s going to see 30+ minutes. This should be one of those nights when the Nuggets take on Marc Gasol and company at home in Denver.
  • Channing Frye – I mentioned him above as a PF2 option in place of Marvin Williams. Give him a look for a cheap power forward who has 15-20 FDP upside at a nice price.
  • Rudy Gobert – With Enes Kanter sitting out tonight, Gobert should be highly owned and for good reason. When he gets the minutes, his production is strong. Expect at least 25 points from him at a very manageable $4,900 price tag. You can build some very strong GPP lineups and even 50-50s with Gobert as your center. A special thanks to DomRep for pointing this out today!

With the news breaking on Kanter & Gobert, here’s another lineup option that we’ll be playing today:

PG1: Damian Lillard, $9,200
PG2: Elfrid Payton, $4,700
SG1: James Harden, $11,500
SG2: Kyle Korver, $5,300
SF1: Gordon Hayward, $7,700
SF2: Andrew Wiggins, $6,100
PF1: Jared Sullinger, $6,300
PF2: Marvin Williams, $4,200
C: Rudy Gobert, $4,900

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Talk it up! Who are your top value plays tonight? Who are you avoiding?

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  1. Hey Jared, I have been using your lineups for the most part and have been winning enough money to be able to keep playing dfs contest without putting in any additional funds. This is a great site to come to and get feedback from the community and for learning how to build daily dfs lineups. I used your lineup from last night but I did not feel strongly about Jonas Jerebko and Steve Adams, so I went with John Henson and Zaza Pachulia…I just thought there was more upside going with Henson and Pachulia with about the same risk and luckily for me, my lineup scored 285.4 came through in my 50/50’s and gpp’s….Thanks for giving us readers the foundation and info to build good daily lineups around. Just wanted to let you know, not all was lost from last night’s lineup. Keep up the great work guys!!!!

    • glad you did well, unless its over 300 no need to show lineup

    • Thanks Les – this is greatly appreciated! We really value feedback like this. I’m glad you were able to make a couple tweaks to the posted lineup and find paydirt… I gave some thought to Henson instead of Jerebko and Sims/Pachulia instead of Adams but ended up sticking with my gut. Unfortunately the gut didn’t end up winning… but hopefully tonight will be another story. Hope your lineups go really well tonight and thanks once again for the feedback!

  2. With Kanter out, Rudy is one of my top value plays of the night.

  3. tonight i’m going with


  4. CrossoverStepBackJumper

    Man, I hit over 300, but Giannis Antetokounmpo really let me down. Shane Larkin also didn’t do too great, but that’s more likely to happen than not.

  5. Hey Jared! With Jimmy Butler out tonight, who do you think sees extra minutes for the Bulls?

    • Hey Nick – great question! I think Tony Snell is going to get at least 20 minutes tonight, but he’s not someone that I think can be counted on to step in and bring some assured production. Aaron Brooks will also get some extra run. I’m a big fan of Snell long term, and think he’s going to be a really nice NBA player… but with such little playing time this year, his familiarity in the offense will be pretty low to count on him for fantasy production. That said, if you want to throw a dart and run him in a GPP, I can’t argue with it… but for me, I’d say the fantasy production will likely be picked up by Pau Gasol, Derrick Rose and probably Aaron Brooks who should get another 5-7 minutes as a result of Butler being out.

      • Snell is garbage. He will never be good in terms of fantasy or actual basketball in my opinion. That’s coming from a lifelong Bulls fan

        • Your input as a Bulls fan is probably worth more than mine, as I’m sure you have seen hundreds more hours of footage than I have! I still think it’s too early to make a firm judgment on such a young player, but he could very well end up being a bust.

  6. payton, lillard, wade, Korver, MKG,Wiggens, Duncan, Favors, Hawes

  7. How do you feel about Jeff Teague?

    • He’s burned me many times before… so I always have a hard time trusting him. For GPPs, he’s a solid play because when he plays well, he can put up 40-45 points with ease which is a great ROI.

  8. I’m rolling out with Lillard, Burke, Harden, Neal, Hayward, Wiggins, Faried, Zeller and Mozgov. What you guys think?

    • I’m stayin away from lillard harden wade
      Buildin around Gasol, Teague gonna have a good night Conley gonna have a good night….just not sure if I should play wilson Chandler

  9. CrossoverStepBackJumper

    How do you guys decide between Wiggins and Shabazz? I don’t watch the Timberwolves play. They seem to take turns having big games. Who is better of the two?

  10. Which lineup should i use?
    S. Muhammad
    K. Faried
    G. Dieng
    J. Nelson or

    D. Rose. D. Green. Wiggins. Favors. Horford. Mathews. D.motiejunas. P. beverly??

  11. I had to rush my picks last night, i threw one $2 GPP, and 4 $1 pools in. I hit a 316 on a $1 and only won $5. I ended up winning $12.50 on $6 worth of entries. I won so i guess i can’t complain lol. I hit a 316,285,288.

    I thought the 316 would at least get me into the $10 bracket. Oh well.

  12. what other value options are there at PF other than williams?

    • Channing Frye isn’t a bad idea, but he doesn’t have a massively high ceiling.
      Cody Zeller is another one that could play well. The minutes will be there.
      I’m a big Jon Leuer fan but I’m not sure the matchup tonight will give him 20-25 minutes.
      Overall it’s a thin PF position tonight once you get under about $6,000.
      Best of luck!

    • I think you could throw mirotic in the discussion as maybe a possible flyer. Should get a few more minutes with butler out. Not sure I would go him over zeller though

  13. Who are the “sleepers” tonight? and who are the guys you’re going to stay away from?

  14. Walker and Burke or Lilliard and Payton?

  15. going
    jeff green/wiggins

  16. rose/brooks

  17. Hi Jared, thanks for sharing with us your thoughtful idea! Learned some good stuff after reading your articles! Also enjoying reading the comments here, good luck for everyone!

  18. thoughts on just playing hte 2 lineups he suggested??

    • Personally they are so similar I would choose just one. And if it was me I would go with the second lineup

      • has anyone used the rotowire luneup optimizer with any luck?

        • It’s not a bad deal if your super short on time. But projections I feel are way inflated most of the time. And it never fails to give you a lineup or studs and scrubs or 4 players on the same team (which I don’t recommend)

          • Ive been trying to track how well these lineups do, which is usually in the money 75% of the time, sadly i lost last night, on like all my games, and erased most of my earnngs

          • Track the ones listed on here, or the ones on the lineup optimizer?

          • Hmm I’d be curious to see the difference between the two. I feel the optimizer doesn’t take in to account injuries and seems to really blow up a player after a big game. Just cuz Vasquez came out of nowhere off the bench last night he will prob be projected super high lol. What’s been your experience with the optimizer

  19. Hey what ever happened to the live chat rooms someone was creating a while back? Thought those were easier to post close to game time on

  20. I scored a 325 last night n only won 20$

  21. 270 and still out of the money tonight…

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