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Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks 11/26 | NBA DFS Strategy Fantasy Advice & Sleepers for Nov 26 | FanDuel Lineup Tips for November 26

Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks, Tips and Advice for November 26, 2014 (11/26) | DFS NBA Basketball player picks, advice, strategy & lineup tips for Nov 26, 14 to help set your lineup and win your FanDuel, DraftKings or Draftster league or contest!

One word. Crazy. We literally fell 0.1 points away from the money in our NBA DFS 50-50s from last night (11/25). A couple of others were 0.2 and 0.3 points out of the money as well. A tough one to swallow, as there were some strong performances from our picks like Mario Chalmers, Tyreke Evans, Josh Smith and DeMarcus Cousins. The real culprit was Giannis Antetokounmpo who was only able to put up 10.8 FDP. Hopefully you had better luck than us… there’s a chance you were able to find yourself in a 50-50 with slightly weaker lineups! 

There is plenty of action on tonight’s NBA daily fantasy basketball agenda, which means lots of lineup options and player values to uncover. After diving into the details Tuesday night to prepare for Wednesday contests, we are feeling pretty good about our chances to place in the upper half. As a result we’re forecasting a medium confidence level with the NBA lineup constructed below – so consider approaching 5% of your bankroll from an investment perspective if you feel the same. For more on DFS Bankroll Management, Check out our Moxyball DFS University

Let’s turn the page and take a look at the players we believe can help round out a competitive 50-50 team. Note that this is our first cut at NBA DFS lineup construction for the day so we’ll check back in closer to tip-off with any recommended modifications or changes pending injuries and so on.

We’re employing a FanDuel lineup where we starting building around strong value plays we wanted to have in our lineup no matter what. We then layered on other players we liked in their respective matchups that may not necessarily be candidates for a 5.0 ROI, but still should have strong games across the board. With that being said, let’s take a look at today’s lineup. 

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The Moxyball FanDuel Lineup for November 26, 2014

PG1: Mike Conley, $7,000

PG2: Damian Lillard, $8,500

SG1: Lance Stephenson, $6,700

SG2: Victor Oladipo, $6,800

SF1: Chandler Parsons, $6,200

SF2: Andrew Wiggins, $5,600

PF1: Nerlens Noel, $6,000

PF2: Mirza Teletovic, $4,700

C: Marc Gasol, $8,500

Total: $60,000

Projection: 267 points

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Daily Thoughts, Commentary & Strategy Notes:

  • Memphis plays the Lakers. This means lots and lots of points, particularly in the backcourt for Mike Conley and down low for Marc Gasol. Expect 80+ FDP from this duo.
  • Damian Lillard gets Charlotte on the road who is strong defensively – but not against opposing PGs. Kemba Walker is not a strong defender. Lillard is a great candidate to approach 5.0 ROI territory in a very beatable matchup. I expect him to be under-owned which is a good opportunity for exploitation in your lineup.
  • Victor Oladipo is rounding into form, with almost 37 FDP in his last outing. He’s played 70 minutes across the last 2 games and faces a good Warriors team that is beatable for a SG like him. Expect plenty of touches and another 30+ FDP outing.
  • We’re rolling the dice a little with the SFs, but both Chandler Parsons and Andrew Wiggins possess considerable value at their prices in this one. Parsons has put up more than 20 FDP in all but 1 of his last 9 games, performing well at home. Wiggins is ready to take the next step in his rookie season having to help replace some of the void left by Kevin Martin‘s injury. He put up a beastly 47 FDP over the weekend after a 22 FDP game the night prior. Milwaukee is his opponent in this one and they’re very middle-of-the-pack defensively. Expect plenty of touches and plenty of fantasy points.
  • Note – if Wiggins steps up like I expect him to, don’t miss the opportunity to own him at a nice discount. His price should soon be in the $6,000+ range with a couple good games.
  • Nerlens Noel and Mirza Teletovic each have their own respective degrees of risk – but the performance of late and Nov 26 matchups make them attractive plays. Noel has 30+ FDP in 3 of his last 4 and should have no problem keeping the good times rolling tonight, facing off against Brooklyn.
  • On the other side of the coin, Teletovic will come off the bench and get his mid to high 20s minutes against Philly. Even if it turns out to be a blowout win for the Nets, Mirza will get plenty of run with the second unit. He’s been quietly going about his business the last 4 games putting up solid numbers – increasing his FanDuel output each time out. 20.3 … 22.1 … 26.9 … 30.1 … what will tonight have in store? Even if he’s only able to produce 20 FDP – he’s well worth the $4,700 price tag. A low-risk value play if there’s ever such a thing!
  • A few other players we like tonight but aren’t in the hero lineup: James Harden, StephenCurry, Reggie Jackson, Trey Burke, DeMar DeRozan, Eric Bledsoe, Josh Smith, Kawhi Leonard, Gorgui Dieng, D.J. Augustin (especially if Brandon Jennings sits out again) and Trevor Ariza.


With the news that Darren Collison, Rudy Gay, Patrick Beverley and Dwight Howard are all missing tonight’s games, we’ve taken another crack at what a couple other rosters could look like.

The twin studs – Harden & Cousins (more suitable for GPPs)

PG1 – Kyle Lowry

PG2 – Ramon Sessions

SG1 – James Harden

SG2 – DeMar DeRozan

SF1 – Omri Casspi

SF2 – Corey Brewer

PF1 – Zach Randolph

PF2 – Cody Zeller

C – DeMarcus Cousins

Harden & friends (more suitable for 50-50s)

PG1 – Kyle Lowry

PG2 – Ramon Sessions

SG1 – James Harden

SG2 – Eric Bledsoe

SF1 – Omri Casspi

SF2 – Corey Brewer

PF1 – Greg Monroe

PF2 – Thaddeus Young/Markieff Morris

C – Marc Gasol


As always – we want to hear from you. What players are must-starts for you tonight? Who are you avoiding?

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  1. This is my current lineup, still thinking about making tweaks around the PG position.

    Curry-Sessions: Golden State plays Orlando so this may be a blow out, considering dropping down to Lillard. Sessions is iffy to start if Jennings comes back.



    Humphries-Mike Scott: I can use the savings dropping down from Curry to Lillard to upgrade this spot.


    • Sessions is starting as Collison is out. I’d drop down from Curry to someone else at PG. Curry usually drops off the game after his monster game and everyone will be on him after last night. Maybe you could use the extra cash and upgrade at PF and upgrade Reddick too? Just my two cents. Hey, I got crushed last night.

  2. Who do you think benefits more from the Melo injury? JR. Smith or Iman?

  3. Wiggins has a tough match up tonight. I’m steering clear.
    Here my lineup…….
    Conley, Augustin, bledsoe, giannis, the king, smoove, Morris twins, dieng
    Thank me tomorrow

  4. No, seriously. Thank me tomorrow.

    • Just changed it from Curry to Lillard, and removed Gooden for Teletovic. Still got $200 left. I’m a Wizards fan, Humphries is definitely the starter and good for 9-10 boards.

      • Ya but Gooden can get similar amount if boards with points. If they get similar minutes Gooden will get more fps then hump just like last night.

  5. Augustin, Curry, Danny Green, James Harden, Lebron , Casspi, Scola , d-Mo and Bogut.

    D-Mo should play well today but I’m skeptical of him and Scola together. Might do some speaking throughout the day

  6. I usually always go with the more balanced approach, this is my favorite for tonight.

    Jackson, Burke, Bledsoe, Oladipo, Hayward, Gallinari (not sure why he’s 4K, safest punt of the night in my opinion, especially against PHO), Zbo, Markieff Morris, Dieng. Should be good for at least 250.

    • Looks strong, Anthony. Similar approach we like to take with a balanced lineup.

      • I feel with this lineup and the news of Sessions that Sessions is = to if not > than Burke tonight. I’ve switched mine too:

        Jackson, Sessions, Bledsoe, Oladipo, Chandler, Parsons, Griffen, ZBo, and Dieng

  7. Rollin wit this what yall think


    • I like Kobe tonight. He put up 50FP the last time they played Memphis. Duncan should be a great value, as long as they don’t blow Indy out.

  8. how bout this lineup

    lillard, irving, affalo, lou williams, wilson chandler, wiggins, millsap, duncan, dieng

  9. Hey guys – great discussion again today.
    Some interesting news with Howard & Beverley not suiting up tonight. Should mean big things for Cousins as he has a much softer front-court assignment to deal with.
    Canaan also becomes an interesting play in place of PB. Sessions/Collison (whoever looks to be getting the 30+ minutes) also get attractive not having to deal with the defensive prowess of Beverley.
    How does this affect the rest of your lineup decisions? Would love to hear your thoughts.

    • Collison sounds questionable to play…I think Sessions is the better play and a cheaper option. Also more consistent.

    • I’ve found it fun to experiment with some low money GPP teams having Augustin and Sessions at PG. Collison is out and I think Jennings is highly questionable in Detroit.

  10. think i found a great lineup for tonight. last spot i need help on is for PF. Diaw, Teletovic, or Humphries guys?

  11. Hey guys, the discussions on this site are very informative, get alot of great ideas about setting up lineups. Keep up the good work!! With so many good options today, I came up with this lineup: T. Lawson, M. Conley, K Bryant, A. Afflalo, J. Parker, O. Casspi, M. Teletovic, T. Duncan, M. Gasol. This will be my 50/50 lineup. What do you think? Does this lineup have a shot? Thanks, Good luck to all tonight!!!

    • Looks like a solid team to me, Les. You should be around the 260-270 range with ease.

      • Thanks Billy, That is about the score I was hoping for. I like your GPP lineup, you got the big guys in, I hope Casspi and Zellers do well for you. You could have a 300+ tonight, which should bring in some winnings for you. Good luck and let me know how you do.

    • Thanks Les – appreciate the comments!

  12. The winning lineup is……lilliard sessions bledsoe olidepo smith ariza noel bennett cousins take it to the bank!

  13. Honest thoughts on my GPP: Augustin, Sessions, Harden, Burks, Casspi, Lebron, Griffin, Zeller, Vucevic

  14. Hey everyone, Collison is out tonight. If anyone has him in their lineup, you need to replace him.

    • Same with Rudy Gay – both are sitting out.
      Sessions & Casspi should both outproduce their salaries quite a bit – but will be highly owned due to their values… so think this through as you set your lineups!

      Will be a very interesting night in the land of NBA DFS!

  15. conley, lilly pad, JR n kobe the chuck brothers, gallo, wiggins,thats a female ZBO, teletubby, and M Gasol. what you guys think. options to sub for teletovic are garnett, diaw, or hump nasty. doing 50/50 with high stake. Appreciate any and all feedback guys

  16. What you guys thinks about this one

  17. What you guys think, wall, sessions, oladipo, Bledsoe, wiggins , casspi, Duncan, Noels and Cousins!!

  18. Hey guys….thoughts on this GPP and Cash LU?
    GPP: Burke/Sessions Smith/Harden LBJ/Wiggins Zeller/Noel Vucevic

    Cash: Lowry/Sessions Harden/Joe Johnson LBJ/Casspi Randolph/Humphries Varejao

  19. Looks like Tobias Harris active tonight

    • Mike, thanks for the info. I always have a tough time putting in a player coming off of injury and especially a lower body injury. I usually take a wait and see how he does perspective because I mostly enter into 50/50’s but if you want to try him in a GPP lineup, I say go for it, you never know. Good luck tonight, Mike

  20. how about this lineup …Paul,Sessions, Harden, JR Smith, Casspi, Jabari Parker, Stoudamire, Markieff Morris, Cousins

  21. Here’s a couple Cash Lineups: Projection Points 290:

    PG: T Wroten, PG: J Wall, SG: M Ellis, SG: E Bledsoe, SF: O Casspi, SF: C Brewer, PF: D Favors, PF: B Griffin, C: T Mozgov

    John Wall, Tony Wroten, Monta Ellis, Eric Bledsoe, Corey Brewer, Omri Casspi, Zach Randolph, Dirk Nowitzki, Brook Lopez

  22. Wow, what a night for my lineups. Was able to pull out wins in 15 out of 20, 50/50’s and 1 GPP win. It look pretty bleak for me early on but I was able to recover in some of my contest. Anyway, does it look like these 50/50 contest are starting to look like GPP contest. It seems to me, that you need to make a GPP lineup just to place into the upper half. You need scores of around 280 to 290 to be safe. That is just my take on what I am seeing. Does anyone have any insight on this? Hope you all have many winning entries and Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!!

    • Hey I get what you’re saying, but it’ll be back to regular soon when starters make the starting lineups again. It’s just like that for right now because of the many injuries.

      • Hey Andres, thanks for your insights. I am still new to these fantasy games and I appreciate your comments, you have given me a new perspective on this. Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving.

  23. Completely screwed by my 2 pf’s. What the hell Humphries, you get the starters role and 9.1 points is the best you can do? Also Diaw with 10.3 points when his average is twice that? If either played even reasonably I would have made it but apparently 275 doesn’t cut it. It’s especially painful when I know I would have been fine if I took some other cheapie like Zeller but hindsight is 20/20 (and my foresight is like 120/20 for pf’s lol)

  24. Moxy, I have a question. I know you guys have been giving your picks on NBA for awhile and you just recently started giving NHL picks. Up until a few weeks ago, I only played NHL DFS games and did quite well. I have had a rough stretch over the last 2 weeks or so since I started also trying out NBA DFS. To be honest I think I just happen to be in one of those losing streaks. I feel like most of my loses in the NHL DFS which have been by very few points were completely random (either I choose a goalie that should win win they lose like Elliot against Ottawa or I just choose player from the wrong line like Hornqvist last night). On the other hand, I feel like my loses in the NBA DFS are a learning process and they usually come down to making a choice on a player or two who are not recommended by yourselves or any other sites (i.e I took Humphries and Diaw last night which were not recommended on any website and they lost me my pools by themselves). So my question is whether you think the NBA DFS is more predictable than NHL DFS and whether it is more likely that you can win playing NBA DFS vs. NHL DFS if you truly know what you are doing. Please let me know your thoughts.

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