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Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks 11/20 | NBA DFS Strategy Fantasy Advice & Sleepers for Nov 20 | FanDuel Lineup Tips for November 20

Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks, Tips and Advice for November 20, 2014 (11/20) | DFS NBA Basketball player picks, advice, strategy & lineup tips for Nov 20, 14 to help set your lineup and win your FanDuel, DraftKings or Draftster league or contest!

Another great night for our hero lineup in FanDuel fantasy basketball 50-50 contests (11/19). The team managed to put up 279.6 points which was enough to finish in the top 80-90% of all 50-50s we entered. We also managed to bring home winnings in a couple of double-ups and triple-ups due to the strength of the team’s performance. Kyrie Irving (31.8), Monta Ellis (39.2), Eric Bledsoe (34.2), Tobias Harris (32.1), Jared Sullinger (38.8) and Tim Duncan (37.5) all had very strong games, helping offset the 9.2 points from Steven Adams, who we thought was a good value play heading in to the game.

On the other side of the coin, Dwight Howard being a last-minute scratch after lineups locked hurt our second lineup, not to mention J.J. Redick and Tim Hardaway Jr having very poor games. Good thing we went nice and light on that one, which is exactly what the doctor ordered based on our advice in yesterday’s piece.

With only 2 games on the NBA calendar tonight, we’re going to be playing a very small percentage of our bankroll. As our Twitter buddy @Johnny_Volk mentioned last night, a 2-game set will make for an interesting one as there’s a decent shot you can luck your way into a tournament win due to the lack of lineup construction options… which is one school of thought for how to approach a day like today.

Johnny is definitely a glass is half full kind of guy, which I appreciate very much being a positive thinker myself! From my side of things, I see a night like this and tend to shy away from betting big – simply due to the fact that the margin for error is technically a lot smaller due to the lack of player options on the table. If you don’t start Kirk Hinrich and he goes off for 30 FDP – chances are you’re not going to be able to make it into the money, for example. But if you do happen to be the guy who put him in your lineup – you are sitting pretty.

The strategy I’ll leave you with to consider today is this: Build a lineup you feel most confident in, and lock in the 5-7 players you think are must-starts given their respective matchups. Tinker with different combinations across a couple of leagues (or tournaments, which is the way to make bigger bucks today if you like the player values) for the other 2-4 players you aren’t labeling as the must-start options.

With all that being said, here’s a lineup that we have built to toss into the mix for tonight’s games. Again – we’re keeping it light with how we’re going at it from a bankroll perspective, but we’ll never take a night off DFS altogether because, who are we kidding, we just love it so darn much.

The Moxyball FanDuel Lineup for November 20, 2014

PG1: Chris Paul, $10,100

PG2: Mario Chalmers, $5,300

SG1: Jimmy Butler, $7,700

SG2: Ben McLemore, $3,900

SF1: Rudy Gay, $8,200

SF2: James Ennis, $3,800

PF1: Blake Griffin, $9,400

PF2: Jason Thompson, $4,000

C: DeAndre Jordan, $7,500

Total: $59,900

Projection: 241, which should be enough to get you into the mix for the upper half of 50-50s tonight

Daily Thoughts, Commentary & Strategy Notes:

  • Chalmers is a great start if Wade doesn’t play tonight. If Wade suits up, consider Kirk Hinrich – but really only if Derrick Rose sits out.
  • Darren Collison is an attractive PG option tonight as well, but we weren’t able to fit him into the lineup above due to limited options at other positions we felt we needed to start.
  • McLemore and Ennis are both major boom or bust types. They can put up < 5 FDP or 20+ on any given night. However, Ennis has been playing really well in extended minutes the last 2 nights… so he may pay off. That’s the kind of risk you need to take with such a thin slate of games… so keep this in mind as you set your strategy. This is one of the key reasons we aren’t spending much of our bankroll on tonight’s games.
  • Rudy Gay is a must-start at the position with such a thin SF roster.
  • Jason Thompson has been playing very well and should come in close to 20 FDP tonight.
  • The one position of depth tonight is Centre, where we have Joakim Noah, Chris Bosh, DeMarcus Cousins and Jordan going. Unfortunately we have to only choose one, so we went with Jordan who should be able to get 30+ FDP with relative ease in his matchup.
  • Matt Barnes is another name to consider at SF2 if you prefer him to Ennis… but keep in mind the max of 4 players per team limit that FanDuel has. You’ll have to make a change elsewhere.

A couple other routes you may want to think about going if you don’t like the hero lineup:

Rose, Collison, Butler, Redick, Gay, Ennis, Griffin, Thompson, Jordan ($59,200)

Collison, Chalmers, Butler, Redick, Gay, Ennis, Griffin, Thompson, Cousins ($59,600)

Credit to www.fantasycruncher.com for their great (and free!) lineup construction and analysis tools that help make looking at all your options an absolute breeze.

As always – we want to hear from you. What players are must-starts for you tonight? Who are you avoiding?

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  1. I worked on my lineup last night, and mine is very similar to what you guys have. Obviously, I’m looking at it as if Rose & Gasol will not be playing. I was more concerned with working around Gasol more so than Rose. I don’t typically take Rose even if he’s a definite to play, just simply because I don’t trust him to stay in the game. Rudy Gay scares me just a bit as well, especially with it being his Achilles. I may plug in Jamal Crawford, Shawne Williams, & Dunleavy in place of McLemore, Gay, & Ennis. He may go bust, but this is all assuming Rose & Gasol are out. I won’t finalize until about 15 minutes before the 1st game. I’m just hoping that no one develops Kyle Korver Syndrome tonight. Like you touched on earlier, with only 2 games on tap, we need every position to contribute.

    • Sam – based on your note, I have a feeling you may have ended up in a better place with the subs you were thinking of making. How did it turn out?

      • I ended up only playing the 40K Swat. Figured I’d throw a small amount in there and see if anything hit. I ended up going with Paul, Chalmers, Butler, Crawford, Dunleavy, Williams, Griffin, Thompson, and Jordan. Studs were great, everybody else just mediocre. Ended up at 242.2 & outside the money. 289.6 was top spot. Just not enough production outside the studs. It was fun regardless.

  2. Any thoughts on the following lineup?
    The difference to your hero lineup is Redick instead of Butler, Gibson instead of Thompson, and then Bosh instead of Jordan

    • Jason – have a feeling you probably ended up doing quite well with that lineup… especially if you managed to get Ennis out of there too?

  3. I will be sitting today out. Only play 50/50s and Double Ups. Always build my lineups with consultation from yours. It has been a pretty good week. But I tend to shy away from the 2 games scenario (Like tonight). Everybody’s teams will be too similar, and one fluke game by a player, screws everything up. I will rather be having fun tonight, putting together a few stud/benchmob lineups to go for big money in cheap entry tournaments for fun. If I win, I win. If I lose, it is only a buck or two, so nothing lost but the entertainment. Will wait till normal slate of games tomorrow. The week however, has been great.

    • Same approach as us… we threw a couple bucks on GPPs but didn’t end up placing. Really tough day with only 2 games and all the injuries that ended up throwing things off.

  4. Thank you guys for all the great picks everyday. Keep picking those great lineups, guys!!! I was wondering how you determine how much of your bankroll you want to put in and and how many 50/50’s, double ups, etc to enter into. I am just looking for other’s insight into how they decide what to enter into and how much. I usually go in about 10 to 15 dollars a night, at least 2 – 5 dollar 50/50’s and some tourneys. Thanks for your input.

    • Les, I have a piece ready to go on bankroll management that should go up tomorrow. I’ll cover it all there for you! Thanks for reaching out to us.

    • Thanks Les, happy to help.
      Sorry for the delay in reply – yesterday was a busy one for Brad and I.
      Brad is working on a bankroll management strategy article – so keep an eye out for this one as I think it will do a great job answering some of the questions you’ve posed above!

      • Thanks for your response. That sounds great, looking forward to reading your strategy article and getting some insight from the experts, thanks again. Keep staying in the $black$, guys.

  5. what should i do?
    keep Gay and Landry
    Switch to Deng and Taj with wade and Pau out?

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