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Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks 11/19 | NBA DFS Strategy Fantasy Advice & Sleepers for Nov 19 | FanDuel Lineup Tips for November 19

Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks, Tips and Advice for November 19, 2014 (11/19) | DFS NBA Basketball player picks, advice, strategy & lineup tips for Nov 19, 14 to help set your lineup and win your FanDuel, DraftKings or Draftster league or contest!

November 18 (11/18) proved to be a very good night for our picks! In case you missed them, you can check out yesterday’s DFS NBA FanDuel lineup picks here. Not to mention Brad’s NHL picks which also performed at a very high level! Paul Millsap went off exactly as we expected, and the rest of the players were able to have quality games as we had projected them to. Darren Collison had a double-double, Thabo Sefolosha put up over 20 FDP, and Steven Adams rolled for another solid game. We were able to money in each of our 50-50 contests to make it a very successful night overall.

Hopefully you were able to leverage our FanDuel picks and lineup tips to build a great roster to bring in some cash last night! Time to shift gears and turn our attention to fantasy basketball picks to help set FanDuel basketball lineups for Nov 19, 2014. Let’s see what’s in store tonight.

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With a heavy slate of games tonight (11 total), it’s shaping up to be a high-scoring affair in the fantasy basketball world! There are quite a few studs going in tonight’s games, with many good value options as well. There are all kinds of different strategies and approaches we can take for lineup construction… let’s have a look.

Lineup 1 – The Hero Lineup:

PG1: Kyrie Irving, $8,000

PG2: Patrick Beverley, $4,800

SG1: Eric Bledsoe, $6,700

SG2: Monta Ellis, $7,300

SF1: Jeff Green, $6,900

SF2: Tobias Harris, $7,200

PF1: Jared Sullinger, $6,800

PF2: Tim Duncan, $7,700

C: Steven Adams, $4,200

Total: $59,600

Projection: 267 – we feel this is a safe team constructed to finish in the upper half of 50-50 contests.

Lineup 2 – The LeBron, Carmelo & Dwight Trio Squad:

PG1: Kyrie Irving, $8,000

PG2: Patrick Beverley, $4,800

SG1: J.J. Redick, $4,400

SG2: Tim Hardaway Jr., $3,700

SF1: LeBron James, $10,600

SF2: Matt Barnes, $3,600

PF1: Jared Sullinger, $6,800

PF2: Carmelo Anthony, $8,900

C: Dwight Howard, $9,100

Total: $59,900

Projection: 273 – there is much more risk with this squad, considering the 4 x sub-$5,000 players. Beverley should have a solid night against a tired Lakers team, but Redick, Hardaway and Barnes are big gambles who will hopefully be able to play off.

We prefer lineup #1 from a safety, low-risk standpoint to meet the projection. However, lineup #2 has star power with LeBron, Carmelo and Dwight that could pay off big if the value picks play well. Consider this as a lower-investment lineup if you want to give it a shot, especially for a $1 gamble in GPPs for fun.

Daily Thoughts, Commentary & Strategy Notes:

  • We like quite a few of these matchups tonight for the hero lineup – Beverley, Bledsoe, Green, Harris, Sullinger and Duncan in particular.
  • The 2 major value plays in that lineup are Beverley and Adams – but both should be able to easily bring in 4.5+ ROI in their respective games.
  • Bledsoe is coming off a very strong game and should see similar success against the Pistons tonight.
  • Duncan is fresh, having played only a handful of minutes in the Spurs’ last game. Expect to see him on the floor for 32+ minutes against the Cavs in what should be a great game to watch.
  • Jeff Green gets to face the league-worst defense for opposing SFs – expect 30+ FDP with ease.
  • Sullinger needs to be owned until his price gets closer to the $7,200-$7,500 range… which will happen in time… but enjoy the value for now.
  • Tobias Harris has been en fuego and should be able to keep things going in a nice matchup for him with the Clippers. Expect another 30+ FDP with the upside for another 40 point game.
  • For lineup #2 – keep an eye on Carmelo just in case his knee causes him to be questionable in this one. He had a good game last night but there are some concerns.
  • Have some fun with #2 if you want to enter it into a low-risk GPP – it has big potential if the value SGs pay off.
  • Don’t be shy to run Reggie Jackson at the same price as Irving ($8K) if you prefer him, even though he’s on the 2H of a B2B.
  • Deron Williams has a good matchup tonight as well at $7,500. He didn’t make our team due to the matchup & consistency we prefer with Irving of late.
  • Marc Gasol should have a nice game tonight against the Raptors. Consider running him instead of Howard in lineup #2 if you want to go a different route. You could then upgrade Irving to John Wall with the extra cash to build a slightly different lineup.

As always – we want to hear from you. What players are must-starts for you tonight? Who are you avoiding?

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  1. Joe Johnson not worth some run tonight?
    T. Lawson
    C. Lee
    J. Johnson
    T. Harris
    J. Green
    J. Sullinger
    M. Morris
    S. Adams

    Thoughts? Went this route to upgrade Beverly.

    • Chris – apologies for the delay. Hope you were able to swap out Lee – just ruled out due to stomach virus. I’ve been running around all afternoon and was sitting in snow traffic for 3 hours… wasn’t able to get back to comments until now. My apologies sir… best of luck tonight!

  2. Need ur advice… If u have a possible strong lineup, is it better to enter it in multiple smaller cash 50/50s or just one big cash 50/50??

  3. I’m not sure how you can’t start Dieng tonight.

    • At the time of crafting my picks, I wasn’t aware Pekovic was fully ruled out. Your point is very well-taken. Dieng should be highly owned and is definitely a really strong start tonight.

  4. I am wondering what your thoughts are on Matrix vs. 50/50? Do you even enter Matrix given that your picks are usually designed to be safe but not necessarily be among the top 25 percent for example (above 50 percent is good enough for 50/50)? Also, given that you have a safer lineup and a riskier lineup tonight would it be wise to stick with the safer for 50/50 while entering the riskier into Matrix (theory being you could be among the top in the Matrix and get close to what you would have for payout in a 50/50 but you still lower your risk?

    • Neither one of us has played around with the Matrix format in much detail. We pretty much stick to 50/50, double ups and GPP’s with some more volatile lineups. The reason being that we do really just try to beat the median player’s score that day. The process has worked well for 50/50’s and double ups – so we haven’t really ventured into the Matrix space yet. I’ll start doing some for football though, as it would be good to be able to speak to the format more than this half-answer :). Thanks for the question!

  5. How about swapping Sullinger with Bennett and Beverly with Thomas?

    • Very interesting thought… I personally think the values with Sullinger and Beverley are too good right now to pass up. Beverley vs Lin tonight, with Lin on the heels of a back to back, makes him a can’t miss start for me.

  6. Why no Shumpert tonight??? Guy is back and puts up 40+ points sitting at $5400?

    • Definitely game Shump some thought. Just preferred sticking with a more well-rounded, safer overall roster which is what the strategy for the “hero” was tonight.

  7. What is you percent average win on your daily picks? Just recently found Moxyball. I like what you do

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