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Daily Fantasy Football Picks Week 12 | NFL DFS Strategy Fantasy Advice and Sleepers for Week 12 | FanDuel Lineup Tips, FanDuel Picks for Week 12

Daily Fantasy Football Picks, Tips and Advice for Week 12 | NFL DFS Football player picks, advice, strategy & tips for Week 10 to help set your Week 12 DFS lineup and win your FanDuel Week 11 contest!

Well – that was close!  Week 11’s picks pulled it out! Led by an unbelievable performance from Le’Veon Bell in the 2nd half of Monday night’s game – almost everyone who entered a 50/50 contest with either Thursday’s lineup last week, or Sunday’s lineup was able to win.  It’s always nice to be sitting back, watching a guy you have heavily invested in that week just running all over his opposition.  It’s even nicer when you see him push you into the black for the week – so here’s to Le’Veon for his great showing on Monday night!

We are entering the time of the season where weather can play a big factor in how things shape up – so make sure you follow me on Twitter, @bradsgotmoxy & make sure you check back if you notice any inclement weather on the forecast for any of Sunday’s games as I will be updating selections if any blizzards are on the horizon!

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Without further delay, let’s take a look at our lineup for FanDuel Week 12 Picks:

QB Matt Ryan ($7,600)

RB DeMarco Murray ($9,000)

RB Tre Mason ($5,600)

WR Mike Evans ($8,400)

WR Odell Beckham Jr (7,500)

WR Keenan Allen ($6,500)

TE Coby Fleener ($5,400)

K Cairo Santos ($4,700) – for Sunday Entries, feel free to use N.Novak vs STL, S.Graham vs BAL, B.Cundiff @ BAL, B.McManus vs. MIA.  As of now, I plan to use Graham.

DST: San Francisco 49ers ($5,300)

Notes for the week:

  • Matt Ryan makes his second straight appearance in my lineup.  He faces the Browns this week at the Georgia Dome – and the Browns, who had no pass rush this past week against Houston – come limping into Week 12 without J.Sheard and K.Dansby this week.  I like Ryan as a safe play with upside yet again in Week 12.  For those looking to save some $ at QB this week, Josh McCown and the Bucs are travelling to the ever friendly matchup of facing the Bears defense.
  • At runningback, I like DeMarco coming off a bye to have a big day against the Giants run D – which allowed Marshawn Lynch to run wild in Week 10, and Frank Gore to total 95 yards last week.  I won’t argue anyone that wants to roll with Jamaal Charles or Eddie Lacy this week though.
  • Tre Mason at $5,600 is a great value play in Week 12.  He is fresh off a 113 yard effort on the ground vs. the Broncos, and this week he faces a middle of the pack run defense in San Diego.  I prefer him over other value RB plays like Bishop Sankey.
  • It was much nicer to get Mike Evans at a pricetag of $7,000 – but even at $8,400 this week, I like him going up against the Bears pass defense.  He is as hot as any player in the NFL right now, and for $8,400 I like him travelling to Chicago.  Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson remain very intriguing options with the Packers offense rolling as it is, but I couldn’t fit them in from a price standpoint this week.
  • Odell Beckham Jr. has looked great since coming back from injury for the Giants.  He has caught at least 6 balls, and eclipsed 90 yards in each of the past 3 weeks.  The week before that – he found the endzone twice.  He has become the primary target for Eli Manning, and I love him at a $7,500 pricetag.
  • Keenan Allen makes his second straight showing on my Weekly FanDuel picks – even though he didn’t do a whole lot last week.  The reason he is making the cut?  These are 50/50 picks and really, it is one word: Targets.  Phil Rivers has looked his way 45 times over the last 4 games – and I don’t see any reason for that to change.  If the targets keep going Allen’s way, his floor remains high – and there is room on the upside for him to have a breakout game.  Torrey Smith is an attractive play at the same price as well – and Andre Johnson is another player that is fairly safe with a high week 12 floor.
  • Coby Fleener is a play I love.  I usually like picking a surefire TE – and would never criticize a Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham pick at any point.  But with questions surrounding Dwayne Allen‘s health – I don’t see how Fleener does not have a productive Week 12 against the Jaguars, which frees up some extra cash to allocate to RB/WR.  With lines of 4-77-1, and 7-144-0 in the last two weeks, we love the matchup for the Stanford to Stanford connection to continue to flourish in Week 12 against Jacksonville.
  • I normally like to save every dollar I can – but had $200 left over with the lineup I liked best for 50/50 formats – and as such, prefered Santos to my $4,500 kicker choice of Cundiff.  For Sunday 1:00pm entries, Cundiff or Nick Novak make sense to use as Santos is part of Thursday’s game
  • I don’t love any of the cheap defense options this week to be safe plays, so San Francisco it is.  The 49ers host a struggling Washington offense – and while anything can happen in the NFL, I think the 49ers D/ST unit is a very, very safe play with room for upside in Week 12.

Some More Intriguing Options

RB Isaiah Crowell ($5,500) @ ATL

RB Bishop Sankey ($5,800) @ PHI

RB Shane Vereen ($6,500) vs DET

RB Rashad Jennings ($6,600) vs DAL

RB LeSean McCoy ($7,700) vs. TEN

WR Jordy Nelson ($9,000) @ MIN

WR Randall Cobb ($8,800) @ MIN

WR Josh Gordon ($7,800) @ ATL

WR Mike Wallace ($6,900) @ DEN

WR Torrey Smith ($6,500) @ NO

TE Rob Gronkowski ($7,900) vs. DET

TE Jimmy Graham ($7,500) vs. BAL

TE Jason Witten ($5,700) @ NYG

K Nick Novak ($4,700) vs STL

K Billy Cundiff ($4,500) @ ATL

D/ST Eagles ($5,100) vs. TEN

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As always – we want to hear from you. What players are must-starts for you in Week 12? Who are you avoiding?

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  1. What do u think about T-Rich this week?? Being that he is so cheap and Bradshaw now out. … I also like Kapernick, Harvin, and Andre Johnson as value plays

    • I wouldn’t say he is a bad play for anyone that wants to use him, however I’m still avoiding him in 50/50’s – even with Bradshaw out, he is just too inconsistent for me. He is a strong value option in GPP formats though. There is upside on all three guys you mentioned – and I do like Johnson this week. Harvin has the big play potential, but I am really high on the Bills D, and weather may be a factor – so I’m avoiding him this week. Thanks for sharing Sean!

  2. I like everyone except K. Allen. I had Rivers last week and he was terrible hobbling against the Raiders. Raiders should of won that game. Now he gets the Rams who are 1000 times better on D. I smell upset. Tre Mason hopefully will run wild.

    • Thanks for the feedback Byron.

      Rivers hasn’t looked the same from the moment he took the field in that Miami blowout loss. I still do like the fact Allen is getting an absurd # of targets – feel it sets him up with a high floor. However, I can’t argue your points – they are valid. Torrey Smith and Andre Johnson would be suitable replacement options IMO. Agreed on Mason, I love him at this price.

  3. Two opinions here:
    I don’t play my defense vs one of my offensive players. Lowers ceiling

    I don’t like Keenan Allen. Kenny Stills makes a solid punt at home vs a so-so passing defense with Brandin Cooks out. He’s only 5900 I believe.

    • Generally I agree – but I have done it before in a few instances. As for Stills – I don’t mind him with Cooks out – though Colston for $6,000 would be my 50/50 play from the Saints WR core.

    • 1) Agreed – though there are exceptions to this IMO for 50/50 formats
      2) Not everyone will….if you need a value play at WR for $5,900 or under – Stills may be worth a shot. i still prefer Colston for $6k though for 50/50’s. High floor, but there isn’t a ton of upside with him either – so I’m guessing he won’t pass your test 🙂

  4. What’re the feelings on bargain boom/bust candidate like Dan Herron @ home vs. Jax for $4500 (per prior comment T-Rich can be awful at times, never far from riding pine – a Herron hot hand and he gets touches in a potent offense). The other one is Vernon Davis at $5,000 because when Vernon goes off, he goes way off, and he is really due – plus the Skins D on the road.

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