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Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks 11/11 | NBA DFS Strategy Fantasy Advice & Sleepers for Nov 11 | FanDuel Lineup Tips for November 11

Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Picks, Tips and Advice for November 11, 2014 (11/11) | DFS Basketball player picks, advice, strategy & tips for Nov 11, 14 to help set your lineup and win your FanDuel, DraftKings or Draftster league or contest!

Not the best night for us in FanDuel NBA DFS action, with Jeff Teague and Donald Sloan really letting us down. Kawhi LeonardPau Gasol, Iman ShumpertAnderson Varejao, Kyle Korver and Gordon Hayward all proved to be solid starts for November 10. Sigh… if only Teague and Sloan showed up. It turned out Jared’s team edged Brad’s team by a mere 8.6 FanDuel points (257.1 FDP to 248.5 FDP) and was able to sneak into the money in the 50-50s Jared entered. Hopefully you did well last night by picking and choosing the best of the bunch to run in your lineups. Let’s keep things rolling in the daily fantasy basketball world and look at what the Nov 11 lineup looks like for DFS basketball picks, tips & advice. 

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Let’s get right down to it and look at tonight’s lineup.

PG1: Brandon Knight, $7,400

PG2: Mike Conley, $7,100

SG1: Courtney Lee, $5,300

SG2: Evan Fournier, $4,800

SF1: Jeremy Lamb, $5,000

SF2: Rudy Gay, $8,000

PF1: Serge Ibaka, $8,000

PF2: Zach Randolph, $7,800

C: Andrew Bogut, $6,000

Team projection if all goes well: 271 points

Today’s lineup is suitable for 50-50 contests and low-risk tournaments, with a medium-high rating in the Moxyball NBA DFS algorithm. 

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Moxyball’s DFS Picks for November 11, 2014

Daily Notes:

  • By leaving $600 left on the table, it’s a slightly unusual approach for how you’d typically expect dollars to be spent. That being said, we feel this gives the safest lineup for the day, so we’re rolling with it.
  • Serge Ibaka, Mike Conley & Courtney Lee have 10/10 matchups at their respective positions.
  • Evan Fournier is not flashy but should be able to put up 20+ FDP against a weak Toronto defense against the SG position.
  • Rudy Gay is on fire and deserves to be started. He’s facing the worst FDP against for the SF position (Dallas).
  • Zach Randolph has a tasty matchup as well, facing off against the Lakers front-court tonight.
  • Andrew Bogut may not be a sexy pick at C, but the Spurs played last night & don’t have good numbers defensively this year against opposing centers… he should be a slightly under the radar center to start tonight.
  • Marc Gasol is a great option today as well, but we just didn’t have the room to slot him into the lineup.
  • Keep an eye on Elfrid Payton to bounce back against Toronto. He dropped 32.1 FDP on them earlier this year. If you want to roll the dice with him at PG instead of one of our starts, give it a try. You can redistribute the $ to potentially have Marc Gasol start at C in that case.

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  1. Who do you like between vucevic and marc gasol? able to plug one of them in over bogut…

    • gasol more consistent

      • Terrible night last night. All of the Memphis picks were poor. The whole gasol, ibaka, o they pf recommended was as weak as one could get last night. Tobias Harris not even mentioned but all the top and avg fd players had him.

        • Can’t win them all Ben (Disclaimer for our readers regarding these picks: It definitely didn’t win in 50/50 for everyone, but it did win for some. 3 of my 5 50/50 entries won with the above lineup last night). But no doubt about it, the PF picks were definitely not optimal. Sorry that it didn’t work out for you.

          • Brad, sorry, didn’t mean to sound like a dick on that post. I found your site about a week ago and have won on most nights! So, Kudos to you and your research! I am new to FD b-ball after having had some success with FD football. But the research I do for FB is simply not possible for BB every night. So, I look to you to provide guidance. However, can you tell me why you just aim for the 50-50 games… i like your roster advice that takes a riskier with upside strategy. What’s the best way to get into the top tier of the bigger games?

          • No worries at all Ben. We aim for the 50-50 games because the ROI has been better for us with our picks. We both do enter some of the GPP’s, but feel more comfortable sharing the format with our readers that has been working very well over time, with the 50-50’s. Releasing some GPP picks is something we are considering though in the future.

  2. Ibaka over Tim Duncan,

  3. Would starting Jordan Hill be a bad idea? His numbers look good lately especially at 6100 but memphis should be tough.

  4. Is rudy gay really worth it over a cheap draymond green?

  5. Is it better to substitute curry for knight if you substitute green for gay

    • Knight/Gay both have very good matchups tonight. So while I don’t think there is any debate that Curry/Green are likely to have higher upside, lower risk with Knight/Gay makes them our 50/50 recommendation for the day. But as always – at the end of the day, it’s your team and your call to make 🙂

  6. So I’m extremely angry at fanduel I joined the late night games and then checked back bout 30 mins before games started and of course it said Duncan and Ginobli out for tonights game so I switched them ended up only winning 6 bucks but had I not switched them I would have won the 1,200 that really aggravated me

  7. I took your advice on the teams you gave me to use in the 50/50 game. I used the exact lineups you listed and I still lost the 50/50 game. I was rank 17 out of 30 total. What’s your take on this situation?

    • Mixed reviews on the results from our readers…some were able to land on the positive side of their contests, others unfortunately didn’t. The PF position really let us down last night if I had to pinpoint somethig…and many across the board had T.Harris who had a great outing against the Raptors. Here’s to hoping that tonight’s games are a unanimous W!

      • So are you saying tonight is definitely a win win situation for us?

        • Nothing is definite in the world of sports :). The break even percentage for DFS is a 55% win rate. No one will come close to 100% over time, but we do feel confident that over time our picks are profitable in the 50/50 format. As for the 11/12, we like line-up 1 a little more for DFS 50/50 play tonight – but we do like both. Lineup two has a higher ceiling, but more risk.

  8. I played a 50/50 game for the NBA on Fanduel on 11/11; the total was 30 and I ranked 17 from it. I used the lineups you listed for that day and I still lost the game. What’s your take on the situation?

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