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Brad is the co-founder of moxyball.com and is an avid fantasy sports enthusiast and blogger. You can follow him on Twitter @bradsgotmoxy for additional fantasy sports insights.

A Take on Bags

In a typical 5×5 format, stolen bases make up 10% of the scoring categories.  However, they can often be the most frustrating stat to accumulate for many reasons: – Owners that win the stolen base category often take some strange sense of pride in this.  Sometimes I even wonder if ...

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Plagiarizing the Auction

New to fantasy baseball auctions? Are you a new member of an auction league and are intimidated by your first auction? Or, do you keep looking up at the same names finishing at or near the top of your league year after year, leaving you stuck in the middle of ...

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2014 – Bulls Report #1

Who would have predicted the years that Alfonso Soriano, Jayson Werth or Marlon Byrd would have had last year?  If you hit on all three – I`m guessing you won your 5×5 league – or at the very worst – did much better than you thought you would have when ...

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Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy – The Code

Everyone is looking for the golden ticket….that one-stop shop, or checklist that if they follow to a tee, will result in them winning a championship.  The cold, ugly truth is that – it doesn’t exist! What you can do, however, is focus on making quality decisions with a reasonable base ...

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Analyzing the Long Ball

Easily the most satisfying thing that a guy on your team can do is hit a homer.  What other action instantly provides material help in 3 categories?  It`s fun when you have a guy who steals a base, or gets a strikeout, but let`s be honest…the most satisfaction almost any ...

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Cheap Stolen Bases 2014

Everyone loves finding fantasy baseball sleepers. Especially when they don’t cost a high draft pick or many auction dollars. And when they are of the stolen bases variety – it’s even better. The Yankees made a big splash this offseason inking the likes of Tanaka, Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran and ...

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